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The exploits of the orange cat Garfield have entertained millions since he first appeared in comic strips. In the meantime, he has been the star of several television specials, the series Garfield and Friends and the movie starring Bill Murray. His latest cartoon adaptation is The Garfield Show, in which he is played by famed voice actor Frank Welker.

The series is French in origin, but it airs on the Cartoon Network with American voice actors. As in the comic strip, it focuses on the everyday life of Garfield, which includes his hapless owner Jon Arbuckle (Wally Wingert), enthusiastic dog Odie (Gregg Berger) and, to a lesser extent, veterinarian Dr. Liz Wilson (Julie Payne). Other characters include annoying cat Nermal and Garfield's girlfriend Arlene.

Notable traits of Garfield's include his laziness, his tendency toward sarcasm and his insatiable hunger, particularly for lasagna. Many of the episodes merely take place around the house as Garfield gets himself into various mishaps and then attempts to get out of them. Odie, who is friendly and loyal but not too bright, sometimes is a help and sometimes a hindrance in this matter.

The Garfield Show is animated in CGI and has a different look to it than Garfield and Friends, though the characters are still easily recognizable. A few other characters from that series turn up in this one, and some of the voice actors are the same. However, this generally focuses on a more narrow range of characters. Additionally, as the show goes on, Garfield gets into the habit of directing addressing the audience and those running the show, adding an interesting meta dimension to the series. For those who enjoy this chubby orange cat and have wanted to see more of him, this show offers a good opportunity.

Cartoon Network
5 Seasons, 214 Episodes
October 26, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Frank Welker, Wally Wingert, Gregg Berger
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The Garfield Show Full Episode Guide

  • A doctor with a machine the zapped Garfield into being sacred of everything and everyone.

  • Garfield feels depressed all of a sudden and wants to be in a world where he never existed, fortunately the leprechaun (from season 2) shows him the world needs him.

  • A episode about complaining starring a dog who complains about everything, so Garfield decides to trick him to become a cat.

  • Squeak's cat-hating cousin, Max, moves into Garfield's home and rallies the other mice to rebel against him. Meanwhile, Jon calls an exterminator named Mr. Pulver to come rid his house of them.

  • Garfield wants a pie on a window, but it's protected by the owners bulldog.

  • Garfield had trouble falling asleep so some sheep from sandman's plane came, but failed so he fried them and they decided to put everyone to sleep to prove themselves.

  • Dr. Whipple’s Phobia Flusher ends up giving Garfield a fear of cats! / Jon forbids the pets and twins from watching a scary movie. Will they listen?

  • Sick of Renfrew's complaint that cats have it better than dogs, Garfield teaches him a lesson. / How would a world without Garfield be? Come find out!

  • Will a stinky “skunk” ruin Nermal's plans to win the Cutest Pet Pageant? / Garfield gets creative to make a sad Odie feel better while Jon is away.

  • Garfield will do anything to get to Jon’s birthday donuts! / Mary Margaret won’t stop talking -- but when Bruno captures her, Garfield must help!

  • Garfield, Jon and Odie stay locked up at home for a week to win a TV show. / When mean Aunt Ivy comes to visit, Garfield fights back!

  • Garfield spots a delicious pie on a windowsill but must pass a scary dog to get to it. / An owl mistakes Garfield for her child. Will he play along?

  • Garfield’s on a diet and he’s hungry. But did he really steal cat food? / Garfield can’t sleep -- and counting sheep won't cut it.

  • Nathan tries to control Garfield with a dream machine. / Two mice sneak into Garfield’s house at night to watch a special TV report about cats.

  • Garfield adopts a quirky alter ego to protect Jon's nieces from a bully. / Garfield gets stuck with an anti-barking dog collar around his neck.

  • Garfield, Nermal and Odie bump into a teen idol in the desert at night before coyotes confront them. / A new invention has Garfield seeing the future!

  • Still lost in the woods, Garfield, Nermal and Odie meet a frog looking for a kiss. / Jon realizes he may have been fooled in the wild this whole time!

  • While camping with Jon and the twins, Garfield, Nermal and Odie meet some rowdy raccoons. / Abandoned in the woods, the trio must get resourceful.

  • Mama Meany’s goons steal the lasagna tree but Garfield and Odie are sleeping in it! / It looks like Mama Meany will win but Garfield has a plan.

  • News of a lasagna-growing tree has everyone rushing to Italy to find it. / Mama Meany’s goons chase Vito, who’s headed to his cousin's country home.

  • Can the crew brave the dangerous Bermuda Triangle to finally reach the horn of plenty? / Vito’s pizzeria is in trouble thanks to a mean new rival.

  • The hunt for the missing piece of a treasure map leads to a trap. / Mermaids rescue Captain Garfield's gang but a whale of a problem still awaits.

  • In a bygone era, Garfield is a lasagna-robbing pirate as Commodore Nermal tries to stop him. / Stuck on an island, Garfield and Nermal meet a friend.

  • As Garfield saves Arlene in a runaway stagecoach, Jon’s job as sheriff is in trouble. / Dr. Whipple has the map to Glitter Gulch! Who'll find the gold?

  • As Dr. Whipple hunts for the map to Glitter Gulch, Garfield is challenged to an eating contest. / Garfield finds himself in a tricky love triangle!

  • It’s earthlings versus robots as Garfield leads the showdown on planet Sprocket. / Nermal is directing a western film, and Garfield’s got a role!

  • With all his friends replaced by evil Sprocket robots, Garfield meets some unexpected allies. / Garfield travels to Sprocket, hoping to save the day!

  • Robots from the planet Sprocket want to use humans’ technology addiction to rule the earth. / Can Garfield outsmart the robots who see him as a threat?

  • Garfield, Odie and Abigail must find three magic items before Varicella does! / Will the gang defeat Varicella when she uses the Forbidden Moon spell?

  • How far will Garfield go to save Odie at the witchery school? / When Abigail frees Varicella from the pages of her book, the old witch wreaks havoc!

  • Back at the zoo, Garfield and his friends put their plan to rescue the animals into action. / An amateur witch named Abigail turns Odie into a bat.

  • Baboons throw Garfield and Odie a lasagna party in the jungle. / The evil Dirk Dinkum captures white lion Tanya, prompting a rescue mission.

  • A rich zoo owner wants a rare white lion and Liz to work for him as a vet. / A plane crash leaves Garfield and Odie with spiders in an African jungle.

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