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In this comedy series, comedians and married couple George Burns and Gracie Allen guided viewers through a fictionalized, and hilarious, version of their real lives. The series originated on radio, where it was one of the most popular series in history, and then made the successful transition to television.

8 Seasons, 291 Episodes
October 12, 1950
Cast: George Burns, Gracie Allen, Bea Benaderet, Harry von Zell
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The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show Full Episode Guide

  • A visit from a foreign-exchange student throws the Burns household into turmoil. Ronnie fears his girl friend Bonnie Sue will desert him in favor of the handsome Frenchman.

  • Ronnie's romance with a current flame runs into a snag when he is coerced into escorting a young girl to a grammar school prom.

  • Ronnie is making plans to have a Ronnie Burns Entertainment Troupe at Big Bear Lake during his summer vacation. But when George finds out what Ronnie's grades were, he decides that Ronnie should attend summer school instead.

  • When Ronnie mixes up the hotel reservations for his newly married friends Frank and Linda, George and Gracie feel it's their duty to invite the newlyweds to spend part of their honeymoon in the Burns home. During their stay with the Burnes, the young couple casts a romantic spell over Gracie, Blanche and Bonnie Sue, Ronnie's girl.

  • Gracie makes plans to go to New York with her friend Blanche, but she doesn't tell George about the proposed trip until she's ready to leave. Ronnie decides to take advantage of his mother's absence to plan a birthday party for his girlfriend.

  • In an attempt to help her family, Gracie upsets George's dealin gs with a television executive, and almost breaks up Ronnie's romance with a hat-check girl. George feels it's the last straw when Gracie also loses the house key, at exactly the wrong moment!

  • It looks as if Ronnie is going to be drafted, so Gracie decides to prepare her son for the discipline of Army life. She adapts the Burns household to a military routine, in the hope that Ronnie will become acclimated more easily.

  • Movie director Charles Vidor pays a visit to George. He is looking for a master of ceremonies for the annual dinner of the Screen Directors' Guild.

  • Gracie worries that Ronnie will spend his money foolishly when he receives the first royalty check for his new recording. Then a pretty blond singer pays visit a visit to Ronnie, and Gracie is sure the girl is after his money!

  • George convinces a recording executive that son Ronnie should make a record. But Gracie thinks George is the one who wants the record contract.

  • Gracie creates mayhem as a juror on a counterfeiting case. She confounds the judge and her fellow jurors with her usual antics, and her mishandling of the evidence ultimately gets Harry Von Zell into big trouble.

  • Harry Morton is happy to learn that wife Blanche has been summoned for a month's jury duty. When he calls the judge to be sure they accept Blanche, Harry is only thinkin g about enjoying a month of peace and quiet. But the judge suspects it is a ruse to avoid serving on a jury. In the confusion, Gracie manages to get her name on the list for jury duty too.

  • A spring show tonight as Harry von Zell falls in love, neighbor Blanche Norton buys an expensive outfit, and son Ronnie Burns cuts his college classes. Gracie helps each one and fouls them all up nicely.

  • A very frustrating episode for George: first, he has a lot of trouble getting out of the house to play golf, and then Gracie decides to use him in a scheme to help Mr. Jansen the plumber pass a physical exam.

  • George discusses the production of a movie with producer Jack Bradley. Gracie attempts to cast family and friends in the movie. Things get more complicated as Harry Morton's father pays a visit.

  • The story revolves around ten year old Edie Westrope, who is the president and only member of her own Ronnie Burns fan club. And, by the way, she happens to have a gorgeous older sister.

  • Gracie's still a brain trust tonight, and she's about to make a killing on a quiz show. Talking with neighbor Harry Morton is more interesting now than jabbering with Blanche and husband George. It's all good fun, but the best scene comes at the beginning when George cooks breakfast for Gracie.

  • Gracie and George plan to celebrate their ""tenth"" (but no one knows exactly what tenth it is), and Bonnie Sue demonstrates her acting prowess as she attempts to land a part as a Japanese girl in one of producer Walter Sinclair's movies.

  • Jerry Gilbert has given his girlfriend, Sandy, the impression that the Burns' house belongs to his parents, and Gracie decides to further the charade by posing as his mother. But who will play his father? Could it be George, or Von Zell, or Harry Morton perhaps?

  • Mr. McAfee has become infatuated with a manicurist. Bonnie Sue, believing the woman is only after her father for his money, consults Gracie for advice. Harry Von Zell once again gets involved, and this time he really gets into trouble due to George's meddling with the plan.

  • George and Gracie come to an erroneous conclusion when Ronnie helps a school buddy find an apartment

  • Ronnie is attempting to become a reporter on the college paper, but needs to come up with a sensational story. Brian McAfee has just been given a new Lincoln, and Gracie has some ideas about using the car to help Ronnie get a scoop.

  • A mis-delivered party invitation creates a sensitive situation as Gracie attempts to mitigate the problem and enhance Blanche's popularity.

  • Ronnie is working at the Wilshire Dept. Store as a wrapper, Harry Morton and George are planning cheap gifts for their wives for Christmas, and Harry Von Zell has an old racoon coat. These circumstances, plus Gracie and Blanche's desire for mink, sustain this lively episode.

  • Gracie trips and falls in the Wilshire Dept. Store and gets into some convoluted negotiations with the store's insurance adjustor.

  • Ralph's girlfriend, Imogene, has deserted him and he is down in the dumps. Gracie feels compelled to help make him feel better by demonstrating to him that everyone else feels as miserable as he does.

  • Ralph's girlfriend, Imogene, is a candidate for homecoming queen, and he and Ronnie are campaigning for her. Gracie suggests that they hand out cigars to potential supporters, and gets Von Zell involved in a scheme to appropriate George's new box of cigars for this purpose.

  • Three weeks ago, Gracie persuaded Alfred Kramer to stop wearing his glasses. Now, she must do the reverse, so that Alfred can bring his grades up to par.

  • Ronnie and Ralph have a brief falling out over a girl, so Gracie, oblivious to the fact that the boys have already made up, stages a huge fight with Blanche to show him how silly it is to quarrel with one's best friend.

  • When a swooning Gracie invites a game hunter to spend the week at the house, George concocts a bizarre scheme to scare him away.

  • Gracie gets a really convoluted idea to help Brian McAfee pass a difficult exam: she tries to get Brian's bright classmate, Alfred Kramer, to change his name to Brian McAfee before the exam is given. This way ""Brian McAfee"" will excell. Gracie comes up with a very unusual plan to get Alfred to change his name.

  • After June Jantzen seeks advice about her father, whom she mistakenly thinks is dating a woman half his age, Gracie concludes that Ronnie's newest girlfriend is cavorting with all of the older men in the neighborhood.

  • Gracie tries to impress the mother of Ronnie's English girlfriend by renting copies of old masters paintings to decorate the house and arranging for Harry Morton to impersonate George.

  • Gracie attempts to make over Bonnie Sue McAfee into an Italian actress in an effort to advance her movie career.

  • Ronnie has trouble concentrating on his college studies due to his obsession with his female classmates. Gracie provides a solution.

  • George is planning to follow the current trend in TV and do the show as a western, but, as often happens, the distinction between the show and reality is blurred, and somehow we wind up with a plot which focuses on guest star Douglas Dumbrille's portrayal of a stern army general who wants his son to go to West Point rather than to get married. Gracie provides her ""help"" and the conflict is resolved (in spite of it).

  • On his 21st birthday, Marie Bordeau asks Ronnie to marry her so she can stay in the country. Meanwhile Gracie goes to get Ronnie's birth certificate changed; and George tricks Harry Von Zell into doing his chores.

  • George feigns a bad back in order to avoid going fishing with Harry Morton, despite Gracie and Blanche's plan to get the two husbands to become friends. Meanwhile, Ronnie and Ralph are contemplating going to a Calypso party.

  • Gracie plays Cupid by trying to find a wife for their plumber, Mr. Jansen.

  • Ronnie and Ralph are planning to sail to Tahiti in Ronnie's boat. George's authorization of the questionable trip becomes a controversial issue. Gracie gets Von Zell and the Mortons involved in the polemic, while June and Joy Jansen pay an important visit to the Burns household.

  • Ronnie wants to buy a 22-foot cabin cruiser but he needs his father's credit, so Gracie enlists her friends to convince George that it's a wise investment. Meanwhile, a man from the BBC comes to town to renew the contract for the show.

  • Bonnie Sue McAfee, Brian's sister, has arrived in Hollywood with the intention of becoming a motion picture actress. After speaking with Brian, Gracie embarks on a crazy plan to discourage Bonnie Sue from show business. Bonnie Sue demonstrates her acting ability and supposed lack of Texas accent by performing a scene from Macbeth.

  • The movie company for which Ronnie is working has created rumors of a romance between him and an Italian actress for publicity purposes. His real girlfriend, Kathy, has a hard time accepting this.

  • Gracie tries to help Mr. Jansen find a wife by placing a personal ad. She misrepresents his age by about fifteen years, and this brings about some confusion.

  • When Ronnie accepts a role in the film "Bernardine," Gracie fears George will be furious that their son is putting his education on the back burner, so everyone bends over backwards to cover for Ronnie.

  • Gracie meets Brian McAfee in this episode, and attempts to convince his father that Brian should stay in college.

  • Gracie plays hostess to plumber Mr. Jansen's four daughters, Jean, Joan, June and Joy, while he travels to San Diego to meet an eligible widow. This causes a bit of trouble for Ronnie, who is already having problems with his girfriend, Kathy, due to her jealousy.

  • The Burns' decorator tells Gracie that he has an opportunity to buy an art collection for $15,000, and asks if he can receive payment early - but Gracie misunderstands and thinks she owes him 15 grand.

  • Gracie wants to have the bedroom redecorated without George's knowledge, but runs into some difficulty getting George out of the house for the required two days. Ralph comes up with a novel solution.

  • Gracie and Blanche fight with their husbands for the joy of making up.

  • Gracie's misunderstanding of a tea leaf reading gives her the impression that George has come into a fortune. She acts on this ""knowledge"" by presenting Ronnie with an extravagant gift.

  • Gracie gets a crazy idea that she must find a wife for Ronnie before he reaches the age of twenty one. When she enlists the aid of a matrimonial bureau, George and Von Zell get embroiled in the ensuing mixup.

  • Ronnie Burns and his friend, Ralph, make plans to get away to Palm Springs with seven girls - and without adult supervision. Meanwhile, Harry Von Zell comes down with laryngitis.

  • After Ronnie explains the aptitude test that he has recently taken, Gracie decides showbiz is the wrong career for George and he would be much happier being a farmer.

  • Gracie decides to give Ronnie's brainy friend Mildred a makeover and send them to the prom together. Meanwhile, a fight ensues when Harry Morton unintentionally insults his wife's looks; and George shows off his magic Genie.

  • When Ronnie expresses an interest in bullfighting, Gracie and Harry Von Zell head to Tijuana to bring back a bullfighter, but Ronnie's interest quickly wanes. Meanwhile, the Mortons try to dupe George into believing Gracie has left him.

  • Von Zell, Harry Morton, and George throw a party to interest banker Mr. Vanderlip in an investment. Blanche's brother Roger influences the outcome.

  • In flashback mode, George tells the story of how he became incarcerated on Christmas Eve. The issue of Christmas gifts has once again seriously complicated George's life.

  • Gracie mistakenly believes that Ronnie is dating an older woman, and constructs one of her off-beat strategies to amend the situation.

  • Ronnie has a temporary job selling electric razors in the Wilshire Department Store for the Christmas season. Through Gracie's meddling and some misunderstandings, he becomes an ace refrigerator salesman, and this has quite an impact on George.

  • Von Zell is happy to remain a bachelor, but rumors of an impending marriage prompt George to give him raises at just the wrong time.

  • Gracie ships George's new gray suit to Roger, but when George gets wind of it, he intercepts the package. Meanwhile, Gracie concocts a phony story about a burglary and gets everyone involved - even the police.

  • Harry Morton's prize ""Madagascar Imperial"" postage stamp falls into the wrong hands when Gracie needs to mail a letter.

  • Von Zell is dating a 28 year old woman, which evokes much analysis and criticism from George and Gracie. And when Ronnie stays home instead of attending a dance, Gracie gets the impression it is due to his shyness, and comes up with a crazy scheme to help him.

  • Mrs. Sohmers is staying with the Mortons while she looks for a house to buy in Pasadena. She specifically wants to avoid living too close to Gracie. Concurrently, Ronnie is undergoing a fraternity initiation which requires him to say and do the opposite of what anyone would expect.

  • Two separate plots in this episode: George is interviewed by a bewildered TV Guide writer and Mrs. Sohmers, on a visit to Beverly Hills, wants to meet her favorite actor, Francis X. Bushman.

  • Ronnie has an assignment to write a paper on his favorite Shakespearean play. Unfortunately, Harry Von Zell inspires Gracie to meddle, and the results are disastrous for Ronnie.

  • The Burnses, Mortons, and Harry von Zell unexpectedly return home to California, only to be surprised by Ronnie and the twenty co-eds, who he's allowed to take up residence in their homes without their prior knowledge or approval.

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