The Latest Buzz

The Latest Buzz involves a teen magazine called The Latest Buzz, which has found that its readership has been declining for years. The magazine decides this is because they have adult writers, and so they decide to hire a group of five teenagers. The teens work together in order to create the entire magazine with little adult supervision, and they quickly find that they are going to have to overcome some major challenges in order to make it in the competitive business of teen publishing.

Friday 6:30 PM et/pt on Family Channel
3 Seasons, 65 Episodes
September 1, 2007
Cast: Zoë Belkin, Munro Chambers, Demetrius Joyette, Vanessa Morgan
The Latest Buzz

The Latest Buzz Full Episode Guide

  • When Bossman announces that the Buzz staff will be replaced with a new wave of recruits, Rebecca tries to fight to get everyone to stay and can't believe that Noah doesn't care.

  • Noah discovers Wilder's sister Roxy is skimming cash from a charity event they're working on together. Rebecca and Michael join the drama club together - and Michael's oblivious that Rebecca's much better at acting than he is.

  • Amanda and Wilder try to coach their parents as they negotiate a business deal, with disastrous results. Noah and Michael fight over a piece of toast that looks like a superstar.

  • At the school dance, Wilder's challenged when Amanda brings a prince who looks exactly like Wilder as her date! Michael poses as DeeJay Beat Boogaloo, to impress a girl and Noah tries to tell Rebecca he loves her.

  • While the gang attempts to practice a song they've written for DJ and Mr. Shepherd's engagement party, Wilder announces he's leaving Buzz, so Noah traps him in a box till he agrees to stay.

  • Rebecca's forced to realize that Michael's growing up after he doesn't want to do a silly routine with her for her story on friendship. Noah gets a great interview with one of his idols, who then retracts the whole thing!

  • Michael ruins Supermodel Karina's career with an expose, then has to help her regain her celebrity status. Noah and Amanda start reading the morning announcements - but go overboard with their jabs and jokes.

  • DJ discovers that Amanda's new recording contract was bought for her by her father. Noah and Wilder try to break the world record for balloon bouncing.

  • Rebecca, Noah and Wilder all end up being a third wheel as the trio try to balance their friendship to make it through a classic movie.

  • DJ hires Michael's mom to help organize the Buzz office, which drives everyone up the wall. Wilder tries to help Amanda with her impending big sister role by getting her to supervise a baby simulator.

  • To help Wilder with his book report, Michael tells him the story of "The Taming of the Shrew" - with the Buzz cast playing the familiar roles. Rebecca and Noah need to find a date for Amanda the Shrew so they can go to the ball.

  • With the entire gang stuck in "Buzz Detention" for the day, Noah accidentally tells Rebecca the bracelet he gave her was originally bought for Zuzu Moon; Wilder masterminds a plan to get Mr. Shepherd home.

  • The gang gets a glimpse of what their lives might look like in 20 years - a fat Wilder owns the Buzz Empire and wants to beam issues of Buzz into space. His lackey assistant Noah discovers this will trigger an alien attack!

  • Rebecca competes with Amanda for the attention of young journalists at the Buzz Open House. Snowboarder Crispin Lipscombe ticks off his old friend Wilder, when he steals Wilder's "awestruck" catch-phrase.

  • When Noah's dad tells him he and Noah's mom are splitting up, Noah tries to out-lawyer his Dad to prove that his parents should stay together.

  • Noah falls for a visiting Bollywood leading lady, leading him to learn about Indian culture to impress her. Michael and Wilder team up to help Shepherd win teacher of the year. Rebecca gets way too into a student investing market.

  • Michael and Noah plan fake modeling auditions to meet girls, but end up with two double-dates at the same time. Amanda's shocked to discover that her stepmom is pregnant! Wilder tries to convince Rebecca that aliens exist.

  • Yolanda is completely controlling in her relationship with Michael. Noah goes overboard taking charge when he directs a music video for Amanda. Rebecca gets frustrated when Wilder keeps badly beating her at video games.

  • When Wilder learns Michael and Amanda are going on a date, he purposefully brings Yolanda Farquhar along to sabotage their big night. Rebecca and DJ bond while answering reader letters - one of which gets personal for Rebecca.

  • An unknowing Wilder plays Cyrano for Michael and Amanda. Rebecca hasn't told her Dad yet that she and Noah have broken up - a feat made harder when Noah and her Dad become "best buds".

  • Elliot, the boy Rebecca kissed over the summer, visits. Everyone loves him, but Noah suspects he's got ulterior motives. Wilder helps Amanda when she's failing home ec, but he's such a good teacher, she starts to outshine him.

  • Noah, Michael and Wilder's weekend plans to attend the carnival are kyboshed when they're forced to babysit Noah's precocious little sister. Amanda overdoes it when redecorating Rebecca's room.

  • Rebecca plans to write an expose article on the annual "Ernie C Hot List", but then she's on it. A downtrodden Michael and Amanda plan to throw the world's biggest pity for themselves.

  • Rebecca accidentally blurts to Noah that she kissed a boy on top of the Eiffel tower under a full moon in Paris over the summer.

  • The Buzz gang gets ready for "The Summer Issue". Each journo will write articles about how they spent their summer... once they all decide what on earth they're going to do!

  • Michael Gelbart profiles Teen Buzz on his TV show, but the mikes and cameras capture more than they expect - a spontaneous kiss between Wilder and Rebecca.

  • Noah gets jealous when an R&B singer asks Rebecca to be the love interest in his music video. Michael and Wilder break Shepherd's ukulele and have to replace it without him knowing. And Amanda and DJ go on a dating strike.

  • Michael goes to extreme measures to stop the crush of a quirky fellow student. Amanda tries to become a skater-girl to get closer to her crush Wilder. And thanks to a practical joke of Noah's, Rebecca must pose as a rap star.

  • Amanda competes with her childhood nemesis to get the best Fashion Week story. Rebecca trains to pass the school's annual fitness test. And Wilder protects his hands in preparation for the Chomper Chuck video game championship.

  • Noah finds out that Rebecca has kept their relationship a secret from her dad. In her article about first kisses, Amanda reveals a secret of her own. And Michael is determined to unlock the biggest secret of all: Wilder's full name.

  • Rebecca and Michael admit their pet peeves about each other and wonder why they're even friends. Amanda tries to hide her pet pony in The Buzz. And Noah is annoyed by Wilder, who keeps scamming bites of his food.

  • The Buzz kids learn the true meaning of Christmas via a pressure-filled gift exchange and a visit from Santa.

  • Stuck at Buzz on Halloween night, the gang each takes a turn telling a horror story in hopes that their tale will be deemed scariest.

  • Michael sets Wilder up with a skater girl. Rebecca and Amanda get into a fight over a borrowed pen. And Noah runs scared when he gives pint-sized singer a bad review.

  • Amanda does a makeover on Rebecca so she can infiltrate the cool table. Wilder takes on more than he can handle when he volunteers to be the school mascot. And Michael, tired of being called short, wears platform shoes.

  • When Rebecca is assigned to write a column on first impressions, the gang supplies her with material - about each other.

  • With a nod to The Wizard of Oz, the Buzz kids search for courage, a brain, a heart, and a way home. All Rebecca wants is to make it home in time to celebrate her Baba's birthday.

  • Wilder meets Amanda's dad and ends up competing with him in one-on-one basketball. When Noah finds out that he got the Buzz job because of a clerical error, he quits. And Michael tries to prevent his fate from coming true.

  • Noah, Michael and Amanda compete over who gets to interview teen star Ashley Leggat. Rebecca's article on teen nutrition cramps Wilder's sandwich style.

  • When famous singer Sherrie Overwood gives up stardom to live life as a regular teen, Amanda has to save the Buzz concert by convincing Sherrie she belongs on stage. Meanwhile, Michael and Wilder become hall monitors at school.

  • Noah and Rebecca make fun of a rock star and have to get back the insulting tape before the star sees it. Wilder and his dad compete in an air guitar competition. Michael lends Amanda money and then worries she won't pay it back.

  • Amanda coachs Rebecca when she goes undercover as a model. Noah, Wilder and Michael suffer artistic differences when they try to make a GleeTube video. And Shepherd and DJ take the same night class but for different reasons.

  • Noah uses Michael to find out Rebecca's true feelings for him, Wilder becomes the latest runway sensation, and Rebecca's convinced she's getting fired!

  • Michael tries to be one of the guys with Noah and Wilder. Meanwhile, Amanda's old friend turns out to be the biggest snob the Buzz gang has ever had to deal with. And Rebecca's first cell phone is a tele-marketing magnet.

  • A fluke throw by Michael causes Wilder to lose his first ever dodgeball game. Meanwhile, Amanda can't believe it when she gets the lowest score possible on Rebecca's "What's Your Dating IQ" article.

  • Rebecca runs for school president, DJ assigns Noah and Amanda to write an advice column together, and Wilder is upset by a fan comment.

  • A girl uses Michael to gain access to celebrities. Rebecca becomes a server at The Blurb Café. And Noah plays DJ and Shepherd against each.

  • In a reverse "Take Your Kid to Work Day", the Buzz Gang welcomes their parents to the office. Things might get a little too close for comfort, but both kids and grown ups manage to find some common ground.

  • Rebecca and Noah go on a sample date as research for her column. Meanwhile, Michael has a close shave with a pencil sharpener and sets out to live life to the fullest.

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