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The television series entitled The Littles is centered on the activities of a family of very tiny humanoid creatures. The target audience of the series are little children and so the animations are well done to make it captivating. The series is adapted from John Peterson's novels. It was produced by DIC Entertainment and the 29 episode series aired on ABC channel for three seasons.

The Littles family comprises of some tiny creatures about six inches tall which have features and characters similar to those of humans. These creatures are very intelligent and in addition to their human like appearance they also have features such as long tails, long ears, and long teeth. The littles live inside the walls of houses inhabited by humans.

The Little family is made of William Little, his wife Wilma, their two children Lucy and Tom. Uncle Pete, baby betsy, Uncle Nick, grandma and grandpa also live with them. they also have other family members who live in walls of other houses such as Della, Lily, Dinky, Littlebit, Tracy and Gracie.

Lucy and Tom Little like to go close to humans whom they call big people. they always try to do things for them. For instance one day they come across an old woman who they try to help despite their small size. On another occasion, they insist to find another companion for grandpa little. The two kids are well known for their mischievous activities they do around their neighborhood.

Dinky is a cousin to Tom and Lucy, he is also older than them. He is an armateur pilot who transports all the little people in the area in his propeller plane. He also works as a mail man and newsagent to all the littles population. He usually gets into trouble with grandpa Little who disciplines him accordingly. Dinky is married to Della.

Henry is the only human who knows about the existence of the Littles and tries to help them at all times.

Saturdays at 10:30 am on ABC
2 Seasons, 32 Episodes
September 10, 1983
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Jimmy Keegan, Bettina Bush, Alvy Moore, Robert David Hall
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The Littles Full Episode Guide

  • The Littles go to the country to visit their cousins.

  • While exploring Roman ruins, Dinky accidentally activates a portal to ancient Rome where he is assumed to be the legendary "Ben Dinky the Great Gladiator."

  • Henry and his parents take a trip to India to see the crown jewels.

  • Henry Bigg and his parents are given a tour of the Kennedy Space Station by their friend, Dr. O'Toole.

  • Henry and the Littles travel to Ireland for his father's convention.

  • While the Biggs are vacationing in Egypt, Henry is kidnapped by an underground Egyptian sect and taken to Ahum-Tek a high priest. They believe Henry is the reincarnation of King Tut. Henry loves the luxurious life of a pharaoh, but Ahum-Tek is planning to close Henry into a tomb forever! The Littles save Henry and he discovers that freedom is the greatest luxury of all!

  • Henry and the Littles travel to the Amazon jungle with Professor Mendoza in search of his daughter Alandra who has been lost since birth.

  • A shifty Little called Smiling Al enters the Little's scene and professes to give them freedom and other great things in return for electing him mayor.

  • Tom and Lucy go looking for a Grandma for Grandpa, but in their haste they brush off Grandpa, who thinks the children don't love him anymore! He packs up and heads for a small island to live out the rest of his lonely life. Meanwhile Tom and Lucy have found a Grandma, but return to an empty room. Together with Dinky and "Grandma", the kids venture out into the swamp to find Grandpa while Grandpa has found some crooks and their buried money!

  • Arriving home after a trip to the zoo, Lucy, Tom, Dinky and Ashley learn the Little Counsel has decided to create a zoo of its own, and together with Grandpa they set off on a safari to capture zoo animals.

  • When the Littles venture into the forest, danger strikes as Lucy and Anne are flung off a cliff and swept away in a tiny boat moored on the edge.

  • The Littles have a lot on their hands when Henry talks them into babysitting a Big baby, Oscar, while he goes out to join his friends.

  • When the rock group "The Copacentics" come to town, Ashley, Tom, Lucy and Dinky are forbidden from attending because of the danger.

  • While the Biggs are vacationing in Egypt, Henry is kidnapped by an underground Egyptian sect and taken to Ahum-Tek a high priest.

  • When a Dr. Hunter finds Dinky's plane after he and Grandpa crash, he plots to find the Littles.

  • The Littles children go to the forest as part of the "Little Scouts" with Grandpa and Dinky.

  • When the Littles go visit some relatives, they encounter a girl, Angela, and her mother whose drug problem is ruining their lives.

  • It is report card day and one of Henry's classmates, Marie, is told by her father that unless she gets straight A's, he will send her off to private school, away from her friends.

  • During a very rainy night Grandpa Little is telling the story of Dr. Frankenlittle's monster when suddenly swarms of huge black rats invade the Little's home!

  • In an attempt to catch one of the Littles, evil Doctor Hunter contaminates the air duct system with poisonous gas.

  • Dinky enters a Midget Models contest to win a model airplane.

  • Lucy, Frankie and Tom help an old woman who is blind, when her landlord plans to evict her.

  • When it gets too risky for the Littles to continue watching movies in the Bigs' theater, they decide to make their own movie using Henry's home movie camera.

  • In wanting to join an exclusive boys club, the Fire Wheels, Henry almost gets hurt trying to perform a dangerous stunt, a task that was requested by Mike, the club leader.

  • Henry's parents find a statue of King Ioda of the Lost City of the Littles. Dr. Hunter wants a look at the statue's inscription, and so do the Littles.

  • The Littles are being hunted by Dr. Hunter, a scientist, determined to discover a new species of little creatures.

  • During a very rainy night Grandpa Little is telling the story of Dr. Frankenlittle's monster when suddenly swarms of huge black rats invade the Little's home!

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