The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh is a light-hearted bear that loves his honey and his friends. His friend Eeyore is a depressed yet loving donkey and piglet is a sweet loving small pig. There's also Tigger who is an energetic tiger who is always jumping around. They go on adventures together and help each other through problems.

4 Seasons, 81 Episodes
September 10, 2008
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: John Fiedler, Jim Cummings, Ken Sansom, Paul Winchell
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Full Episode Guide

  • Christopher Robin and his friends make a Christmas list, but Pooh forgets to ask for a present. He must get the letter back, and get it to Santa Claus by Christmas, which happens to be tomorrow.

  • Owl tries to sing the Dawn Chorus, but Rabbit and the others don't want Him to.

  • Tigger doesn't like Piglet's too cute Poems, so He adds some twists to excite Himself.

  • Gopher tries to help His grand-Dad, but Rabbit tries to save His Garden and Rutabago potato from construction of the Above-Ground underground city.

  • It's Pooh's birthday and the gang think pooh is Wise.

  • A cloud won't stop raining on Tigger's Bouncing, and Tigger tries to get rid of its raining streak.

  • Gopher buys a steam shovel and is wrecking the forest, so Piglet wants to convince Gopher to stop.

  • Christopher Robin runs away from home after His Statue is broken.

  • When a toy train goes missing, Piglet has a dream. In his dream, he is the sheriff of a Western town, Rabbit and Eeyore are his deputies and Tigger and Pooh are the Hole in the Head gang (well at least Tigger is), when out of luck Sheriff Piglet takes Pooh in by mistake.

  • Pooh and the gang are assigned dogsitters for Christopher Robin's dog, Skippy. However when he goes loose Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, and Rabbit must try to retrieve him before the Christopher Robin returns home.

  • After Christopher Robin leaves for a party and the gang thinks He's growing up.

  • Christopher Robin and His pals have a Late Night Adventure.

  • Stan and Heff plot to USe Kessie as a Ransom to get a lot of Hunny.

  • Tigger becomes mute, so Piglet and Pooh try to help Him and save Rabbit's garden.

  • Tigger thinks Pooh is snatched by a Jagular, but Pooh is really visiting Piglet...

  • Rabbit tampers with Gopher's Equation so the Tunnel can't go through His House but backfires.

  • Pooh Babysits Roo and Dexter and try to Find Christopher Robin's Science Project which is in fact a Bug.

  • Tigger makes an invention to help but causes more harm than good.

  • Piglet gets teleported to a Medieval place called Chess-land.

  • The gang gets involved in a Hunny war.

  • Someone is pulling pranks on the Gang on the gang.

  • Pooh and Gopher tries to fix the sky back.

  • Rabbit gives Eeyore a "dud" seed to grow; Pooh and Tigger feel badly and have Piglet disguise as a flower to cheer him up.

  • Rabbit goes on vacation and the gang tries to clean for Rabbit's return.

  • Tigger befriends a Troublesome termite in His home and is eating all the wood dry...

  • After a horrid nightmare, Piglet tries to stay awake to avoid losing His friends to His dreams.

  • The gang tries to get Pooh hungry again, and find His appetite.

  • Owl's Relatives are coming to visit, but didn't count on the Crows or Pooh (Dressed as an Owl.) coming.

  • Thinking Christopher Robin is captured Pooh tries to retrieve the bottle from the Pack Rats.

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