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The O.C. is a drama television series focused on the lives of teenage friends and their families. Set in the upscale beach town of Newport Beach in Orange County, California, the drama focuses on wrong-side-of-the-tracks Ryan Atwood who is taken in by the affluent Cohen family. Immediate conflict ensues, as the wealthy upper-class community is not very accepting of Ryan and his type. Each season follows Ryan and his friends as they try to navigate the unique community of Newport Beach.

Ryan and his newly adopted brother Seth Cohen learn how to deal with school, family, friends, and the materialistic community in which they live. Marissa Cooper, childhood neighbor and friend of Seth, is also a focus of the show, and quickly becomes Ryan's love interest. As relationships develop and new characters are introduced, Ryan and Seth must find their place in society. The teens must learn how to deal with adult problems as they leave adolescence behind. It is also a transformation as they find themselves along the way, growing from teenagers into adulthood with every dramatic situation that comes along.

Parents and other family members also have storylines. Sandy and Kristen Cohen, as well as Julie Cooper, have recurring storylines as the parents of the show's main characters. The storylines focus on many problems that the teenagers may be affected by, including alcoholism, bankruptcy, and divorce of the parents. Siblings and other family members make appearances and cause controversy, including some of Ryan's relatives. The teens, as well as the adults, must figure out how to deal with each new situation that conflicts with Newport Beach's family ideals.

4 Seasons, 92 Episodes
August 5, 2003
Cast: Peter Gallagher, Kelly Rowan, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke
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The O.C. Full Episode Guide

  • Newport was forever changed with the arrival of outside Ryan Atwood four years ago. In the series finale, an emotional ending shows what happens to each of the lives that Ryan touched, including the Cohens, Coopers, and his most recent love, Taylor.

  • After the earthquake, Newport residents scramble to make sure everyone is alright. Sandy tells Seth to say put, but Seth does whatever he can to be with Ryan and Taylor. When Seth and Ryan finally meet back up, Seth begins to realize what it means to be a brother. While Summer and Taylor can't find Pancakes and begin frantically searching for him, Taylor sees that bonds people have with their family are greater than she could have ever imagined. Meanwhile, Julie and Kaitlin are stuck in an ice cream shop until the only man for Julie arrives to save them. But everything isn't as it seems when everyone meets up at the Cohen house.

  • Taylor concocts a plan to make things right between Ryan and his father. Julie continues to further her relationship with Bullit but when Julie and Frank run into each other in front of Ryan and Taylor it becomes apparent that Julie is having a secret affair with Frank. When Kaitlin finds out that Ryan and Taylor are working to get Julie and Frank together, she goes out of her way to make her mother like Bullit, forcing Julie to choose between Frank and Bullit. Meanwhile, Summer begins to question if Seth is the one for her after she and Seth get a psychic reading.

  • Henri-Michel, Taylor's ex-husband, arrives in the O.C. to promote his erotic memoir of his times with Taylor. When Henri-Michel and Ryan meet and Ryan learns of Taylor's time in France with Henri-Michel, Ryan begins to second guess his relationship with Taylor. Seth visits Dr. Roberts in order to ask for Summer's hand in marriage while Summer visits Holly who has a vision of Summer's future. Meanwhile, Kaitlin realizes that she has feelings for Will.

  • When Kaitlin fails a class presentation, she's paired up with Will, the Harbor band geek. Kaitlin thinks that she can get Will to do her work for her, but when he begins to challenge her, sparks between the two emerge. After their new commitment from New Year's Eve, Seth and Summer begin making plans but fail to recognize their true feelings. Meanwhile, Sandy confronts Frank and Julie reveals Frank's true identity to Kirsten.

  • It's New Year's Eve in the O.C. and to celebrate the holiday, Ryan puts together a road trip as a surprise for Taylor, but his surprise is spoiled when Summer finds out that Seth hasn't planned anything for her. Later, the four head to Las Vegas where they meet a raver who may be able to help Summer's future. Back in Newport, the Bullit has a friend look into Julie's accounting.

  • It's once again Chrismukkah in the O.C. and it's up to Taylor and Ryan to make Chrismukkah as it should be. After Ryan and Taylor fall of the roof of the Cohen's house, Ryan falls unconscious. While in the hospital, Ryan dreams of how life would be if he never came to Newport. With Taylor's help, Ryan is able to get life back to the way that it was before the accident.

  • Seth travels to Providence to visit Summer, but when he gets to Brown all he finds is an empty dorm room. While Seth is away, Kirsten and Sandy are able to find an opportunity to bond with Ryan, who's in a haze after Taylor's doings. Meanwhile, Kaitlin takes the school mean girl down the best way she knows how -- a rager at the Roberts' house. Elsewhere, Julie finds that Newmatch is more than a dating service and the truth about Che is finally exposed.

  • Taylor, after learning about Ryan's insomnia, comes up with her own therapeutic remedy to help him sleep. At Brown, Summer and Che step up their activism and their actions lead to more freedom than they had imagined. Meanwhile, Kaitlin helps Julie save the dating service and Taylor is forced to turn to Kaitlin for help with Ryan when her plan backfires.

  • Summer tries to return to the popular, gossipy girl that she was in high school, but finds that her time at Brown may have changed who she is forever. Despite her changes, Seth continues to support the new Summer. Meanwhile, Ryan helps Taylor out of a predicament and Julie and Kaitlin try to stay out of trouble, but find it hard to do.

  • It's Thanksgiving in the O.C. as the Cohen family continues to deal with the happenings in Mexico. Sandy is able to cut a deal to help Volchok, but ends up letting Ryan intervene, allowing him to settle the score. At Brown, as Summer packs up to come back to Seth and the new Roberts family, she wonders if she'll be able to deal with Newport. Meanwhile, Julie has trouble dealing with both Kaitlin Dr. Roberts, leading her to spend most of her Thanksgiving alone.

  • Ryan and Seth leave the O.C. to go south of the border, each to find something they're looking for -- Ryan searches for Volchok in order to deal with his emotions and Seth has an encounter with the U.S. Marines. Meanwhile, Julie and Kaitlin are forced by the Dean to work together on the Harbor school clothing drive and Julie is shut out by the Cohens when they discover what she's up to. Elsewhere, Taylor springs a surprise visit on Summer who continues to distance herself from California.

  • With senior year drawing to a close, graduation looms in the future, bringing the anticipation of college along with it. Seth, Ryan, Summer and Marissa together reflect on their past 3 years together and the major events that brought them all together. Seth has to deal with his parents and the police over his list of mistakes. Ryan's mother arrives in Newport with a surprise for him. Marissa is faced with a decision about her future after receiving a shocking proposal. Lastly, Summer has to face leaving Newport without Seth and has a hard time saying her goodbyes. Meanwhile, Sandy's big decision shocks Kirsten; Kaitlin returns home and moves in with Julie, wanting to be the next Cooper to attend Harbor; and Taylor is ecstatic when the "core four" turns into the "fab five". But as everyone makes plans for their futures, their pasts might get in the way of their dreams.

  • After the fallout of Prom, Ryan and Volchok make a deal with each other. Sandy is chosen "Man of the Year", but the district attorney digs deeper into Sandy's involvement in the building of the new hospital. Meanwhile, Marissa visits Kaitlin at her boarding school; and back in Newport, Theresa is forced to make a difficult decision and Seth's actions cause more trouble than good.

  • With Senior Prom in full swing, the good side, as well as the bad, comes out in everyone. Taylor hits an all-time high in her life, while Summer hits bottom with her prom date. Seth, with the help of Anna, devises a plan to win Summer back. Meanwhile, Volchok escorts Marissa to prom, and Ryan brings an unexpected girl from the past. Later, one of the girls is crowned Prom Queen, but the event is overshadowed when Ryan lapses back into his own ways when the Prom funds go missing.

  • As graduation rapidly approaches, Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa head to their Pre-orientations: Summer and Seth at Brown, and Ryan and Marissa at UC Berkeley. Kirsten is shocked to see a person from Ryan's past while dropping the boys off at the airport. Later, Seth runs into an old friend while at Brown, threatening his relationship with Summer. Meanwhile, Kirsten begins to relapse back into her old ways.

  • Ryan decides to visit his mother, but before he is able to do so, the advances of her co-worker delays him. In Newport, Taylor and Summer team up to figure out what Seth is hiding, but Summer is hurt in the process when their plan backfires. Meanwhile, Julie confronts Volchok in order to give him advice, and Marissa confronts Volchok's friends in order to get a girl out of a potentially bad situation. Sandy is able to fix the problems with Matt, but ends up neglecting Kirsten in the process.

  • When the gang receives their college acceptance and rejection letters, everyone must decide which path they want to take. Sandy and Kirsten become concerned about the decision that Ryan and Sadie come to. The letters lead Marissa and Summer work on patching up their friendship while Taylor decides to throw a College Sweatshirt Party to celebrate the letters arriving. Meanwhile, the toll that Sandy's job is taking on him begins to strain the Cohen household.

  • After Julie and Neil announce their engagement, the Coopers move into the Roberts household. But Marissa starts to break apart from Summer and the others when she begins to spend more time with Volchok and his friends. As Ryan tries to progress his relationship with Sadie he gets stalled when Seth voices his opinions on the Ryan/Marissa situation. Meanwhile, Kirsten gives Seth a surprise and Sandy's work frustrations continue to grow.

  • As Ryan and Sadie's budding relationship progresses, things start heading downhill when an old friend of Ryan's returns to Newport and Ryan decides to help her. Taylor tries to help Seth and Summer overcome their newest problem. Meanwhile, Marissa has to deal with being alone in Newport while Sandy deals with mounting business pressures.

  • In order to get in contact with Johnny's father, Sadie and Ryan go on a road trip together to find him. Despite Ryan regressing back to his old ways, the road trip brings Sadie and Ryan even closer, putting Ryan and Marissa's relationship at risk. Meanwhile, new evidence implicates Marissa in Johnny's death and Seth and Summer find out the truth about what's going on between Julie and Neil.

  • A tragic event takes its toll on the community, Kaitlin prepares to go back to school, Ryan questions his relationship with Marissa after lending a helping hand to Sadie, and Kirsten and Julie decide to go ahead with a Valentine's Day party.

  • Summer finds out the truth about Seth's Brown interview, along with his other secret. Marissa admits her feelings to Johnny, but to cope with it, Johnny makes some bad decisions after drinking too much that endanger everyone around him. Meanwhile, Sandy and Matt hit a bump in their pending hospital project; Julie and Kirsten come up with a matchmaking plan to get Julie together with Neil Roberts, but when it backfires, Julie has to hide from him.

  • Marissa puts all her effort into trying to get to know her sister better, but Kaitlin's attitude only causes trouble between Marissa and the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Sandy tries to give Seth advice about college, but Seth becomes increasingly stressed about leaving Newport and Kaitlin offers Seth something to ease his nerves. Also, Sandy and Matt land a deal for a new hospital, Kaitlin and Johnny start hanging out, and Julie continues to try to put her family back together.

  • Summer, Seth, and Ryan put together a plan to get Marissa back into Harbor. Johnny has to decide what's more important: Marissa's happiness or his feelings for her. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper and Dr. Roberts worry about telling their daughters the truth and Sandy has to make a moral decision that will change Marissa's future at Harbor.

  • In the spirit of Chrismukkah, the gang comes up with a plan to help Johnny -- a Chrismukkah Bar Mitz-vahkkah, involving Ryan getting Bar-Mitzvahkkahed. However, the holidays hit Summer hard when she begins missing her mother and Johnny decides to take his need into his own hands. Meanwhile, Kirsten, in the holiday spirit, reaches out to Julie.

  • Ryan begins working as an intern for Sandy and Matt, and ends up working to save Matt instead. Determined to both get accepted to Brown, Summer and Seth do what they can to stand out. Johnny admits his feelings to Marissa, and Ryan and Marissa end up telling each other the truth.

  • The seniors begin to prepare to apply for college and Summer, Seth, Ryan and Marissa begin to debate their futures. Marissa has a hard time deciding and ends up going to Johnny's surf competition instead of filling out applications. Meanwhile, Julie's financial situation forces her to return to her roots, and Sandy invites a friend from UC Berkeley to dinner with Seth and Ryan.

  • At The Subways' concert at The Bait Shop, Taylor's constant interference causes a rift between Summer and Seth. Marissa, worried about a confrontation between Ryan and Volchok, watches out for Ryan.Meanwhile, Matt, Sandy's new partner goes beyond what's expected and Julie manages to outdo Charlotte.

  • Taylor, after falling for Seth, prevents Summer and Seth from being together at a Harbor event by locking Summer out. Meanwhile, Marissa's friendship with Johnny begins to worry Summer, leading Summer to get Ryan involved. Meanwhile, at the Newport Group, Sandy works on a plan to save the company, and Charlotte convinces Julie and Kirsten to get back into the Newport social scene.

  • Marissa adjusts to her new school and begins making friends at Newport Union, while Ryan worries that their separation will affect their relationship. Seth's anger with the Dean gets Summer in trouble, but when Summer uncovers shocking information about Taylor, they might have a way to bring the Dean down. Meanwhile, Sandy finds himself determining the future of the Newport Group and Julie finds herself in less than ideal surroundings.

  • Despite finally working their relationship out, Marissa and Ryan are forced apart by their parents. Dean Hess pressures Seth and Summer into volunteering, which leads them to come up with a way to give Ryan and Marissa a night to remember. Their plan is a success, but it lands Seth and Summer in hot water with Taylor. Meanwhile, the contents of Caleb's will are revealed, shocking both Jimmy and Julie.

  • Kirsten continues to recover in rehab, and the Cohen men continue to feel the affects of her absence. Sandy tries to convince Kirsten to come home, but Kirsten's attachment to Charlotte prevents her, which raises Sandy's suspicions. At Harbor, Dean Hess makes a decision affecting Marissa's future while Summer faces off against Taylor Townsend when planning the Kick-Off Carnival. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes Julie a surprising proposal.

  • As Ryan, Marissa, Seth and Summer prepare for their senior year, Trey's shooting looms over them. Trey is clinging to life and when the cops continue to pressure the teens to admit who shot him, Ryan debates taking the blame to save Marissa. Meanwhile, Julie and Jimmy are determined to protect Marissa, no matter the cost, and Kirsten continues to recover in rehab with Charlotte, who is hiding her ulterior motives.

The O.C. News

Mischa Barton Testifies in Revenge Porn Case

The 'O.C.' alum alleges that an ex boyfriend is stalking her and making copies of a sex tape.

Mischa Barton Declares Victory in Revenge Porn Case

A sex tape featuring the actress will not be on the market, according to her lawyer.

'The OC' and 'Friday Night Lights' Mash-Up: Scott Porter and Rachel Bilson to Star in 'Hart of Dixie'

It's a tale as old as time. Or at least a tale as old as "Sweet Home Alabama." A big city girl moves back to a small southern town and falls in love with the simple life.

That's what we're likely to get with the new CW pilot in the works called "Hart of Dixie." The pilot stars Rachel Bilson as a successful doctor in New York City who inherits her own practice in a small town in the South.

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