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The television series known as the Princess' Man is a love story all centered on the life and experiences of a young lady known as Lee SeRyung who was a princess. It tells the story of the love relationship that existed between Lee SeRyung and a young man known as Kim Yoo.

Lee SeRyung's father was King Sejo so she was a princess and the guy she had fallen in love with, Kim Yoo was the son of King Jeong who was a rival to King Sejo. Prince SuYang was interested in developing an alliance with the family of Kim Jeong. He then suggested that inorder to make that successful his daughter SeRyung should get married to their son Kim Seung. When SeRyung found out she was going to get married she was so excited about it and wanted to find out more about her future husband.

Kim Jeong did not accept SuYangs' offer since he was aware of his rights as a prince. He instead preferred to be closer to King Munjong who like him very much and wanted him to marry one of his daughters. Seung Yoo impressed Munjong and was made to be a close escort of the Prince Kim.

SeRyung started developing feelings for Seung Yoo and when she discovered that Seoung Yoo would be her cousin Princess Kyung' new teacher she forced her cousin so she could take her place so as to enable her see the man she admired so much. When she first saw him she did not like him and concluded that he was not fit to be her husband due to his perceived character.

When Prince Kim found out about Seung and SeRyung's relationship he planned to kill Seung. Seung was rescued by SeRyung and Myeon who was a very good friend of his. At the end after a series of struggles and fights SeRyung and Seung did not get married.

The series was written by Kwon Ki and directed by the joint efforts of So Jung, Park Shi, Moon Chae, Hong Soo-hyun. The 24 episode series was broadcast on the KBS channel.

The main characters in the series include Moon Chae-won starring as Se Ryung and Park Shi Hoo starring as Kim Yoo.

1 Season, 24 Episodes
July 20, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Chae-won Moon, Shi-hoo Park, Jong-ho Song, Soo-hyun Hong
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The Princess' Man Full Episode Guide

  • The final battle between Seung Yoo and Sin Myeon ensues.

  • Se Ryung must deliver a message to Seung Yoo in time; his life depends on it.

  • When Jeung Jong's Declaration of Rebellion is discovered, he is sentenced to execution.

  • Princess Gyeong Hye and the Jeung Jong receive news that is both exciting and frightening.

  • Se Ryung cuts ties with her father and leaves.

  • Seung Yoo plots to rescue his captured comrades and the Prince Consort.

  • Se Ryung asks Seung Yoo to run away with her.

  • Seung Yoo is finally reunited with his sister-in-law and niece, causing him to be indebted to an unlikely person.

  • Seung Yoo is reunited with his teacher who is disappointed that he has become a killer.

  • Se Ryung takes an arrow for Seung Yoo, despite seeing him shoot her father.

  • Seung Yoo kidnaps Se Ryung so he can lure her family in and get his revenge.

  • Sin Myeong resolves to win Se Ryung's heart, no matter what.

  • Se Ryung must prepare for her wedding with Magistrate Officer Sin.

  • Seung Yoo must choose whether to avenge his father, or continue to love Se Ryung.

  • Seung Yoo is sentenced to an execution.

  • Seung Yoo seeks revenge against the man responsible for the coup, Se Ryung's father.

  • Se Ryung tries desperately to escape the palace in order to stop her father's plans.

  • Se Ryung runs into trouble when she gives Seung Yoo a fake name for herself.

  • Se Ryung is devastated when Seung Yoo gives her the cold shoulder.

  • Seung Yoo is punished for his supposed impropriety with the princess.

  • The ruse is revealed, and tensions between the cousins arise when the King chooses Seung Yoo as Kyung Hye's betrothed.

  • Seung Yoo finds himself increasingly attracted to the rebellious Se Ryung, whom he still believes is the princess.

  • Se Ryung and Princess Kyung Hye switch places so that both may get a glimpse at Seung Yoo.

  • Se Ryung's spunk and rebelliousness make it difficult for her father to rein her in.

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