The Red Green Show

The Red Green Show is set in the wilds of Canada where the lead character of Red Green films his handyman show. Most of the show is filmed inside a dilapidated old cabin, which also serves as the lodge for Red and his buddies. While the characters on the show are mainly men, the comical spoofs on the activities men often do when trying to make repairs are hilarious for both male and female viewers. The show is pure comedy with no real advice ever given in regards to fixing anything.

The main method Red uses to repair anything and everything is usually by adding a large dose of duct tape to the broken item. To get reception on an old TV set, Red would simply add some tin foil or a bent wire coat hanger. While some of the repairs are specifically for his Handyman Corner show, there are also times when Red and his friends attempt to make regular repairs around the lodge or to their vehicles. As with many good comedians, Red has a faithful sidekick in the form of his nephew Howard. Howard is a geeky looking younger man who never seems to get anything right. He also provides a lot of the slapstick comedy the show is known for.

Red's other friends and lodge members include Dalton, Mike and Winston. Dalton is Red's best friend and the two of them often talk about the troubles they have with their wives. Mike is an unusual character in that he has a long criminal record. Even though he has a bad past, he is generally a quiet character who does not exhibit a lot of planning or handyman skills. Winston is a character in the plumbing and sewer profession who often shows up at the lodge to service the plumbing or spend time talking with the guys.

Another show Red films with his friend Bill, is called Adventures with Bill. This show is often filmed by either Mike or Dalton and is supposed to show the two friends completing some type of activity such as hunting outdoors. The segments always have things go wrong which lead to unexpected and hilarious results.

S & S Productions
16 Seasons, 259 Episodes
January 1, 2001
Cast: Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Rick Green, Bob Bainborough
The Red Green Show

The Red Green Show Full Episode Guide

  • Harold gets hitched.

  • Red and Harold compete in a line-dancing contest.

  • Harold meets his fiancee's family for the first time.

  • Red tries to make it rain by seeding the clouds with a cannon.

  • Red hunts for the fabled creature.

  • Red builds a unique musical instrument.

  • A group of female CEOs descends on the Lodge for a corporate retreat.

  • The guys try to create the world's largest crayons.

  • The lodge's application for an air show is denied.

  • Red tries to save Old Man Sedgwick from a nursing home.

  • Harold worries about some suspiciously cheap beef.

  • The men plan a surprise bachelor party for Harold.

  • Red tries to open a fast-food restaurant.

  • The lodge members start driving golf carts.

  • The boys get free cell phones.

  • Red builds an unconventional cruise ship.

  • The gang tries to improve the lodge's tourism prospects.

  • The guys have an ATV to race.

  • Red demonstrates driving with no hands.

  • Red designs and builds a masculine chandelier.

  • It's USA versus Canada in a fishing competition.

  • The gang has an unfortunate encounter with a skunk.

  • Harold and Red have to get flu shots.

  • Red constructs a car out of old hospital equipment.

  • The Lodge holds a Hawaiian theme weekend.

  • Appalled by the high cost of insurance, Red decides to insure the Lodge himself.

  • Red decorates a Christmas tree using a ceiling fan.

  • The gang runs into a bear.

  • Red owes Harold 50 dollars.

  • Red might lose his top spot at the lodge.

  • Possum Lodge becomes a winery.

  • The boys pay a visit to a nude beach.

  • Harold auditions for a television show.

  • Red accidentally destroys the town statue and has to replace it.

  • Red demonstrates a novel fishing lure.

  • The lodge celebrates its 75th anniversary.

  • The guys create chaos with crossbows.

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