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The Secret World of Alex Mack chronicles the difficulties of being a teenage superhero. Alex Mack was an ordinary girl until a chance accident left her drenched in a strange chemical. After the ordeal, she develops a number of extraordinary powers, including telekinesis. She attempts to keep these powers secret from all but a chosen few. However, young Alex also learns that she can not control these powers and several levels of hijinks follow. Part comedy, part adventure, and part coming of age, the show focuses on the trials of Alex as she attempts to pursue a normal life without her secret being revealed.

2 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 8, 1994
Cast: Larisa Oleynik, Meredith Bishop, Darris Love, Michael Blakley
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The Secret World of Alex Mack Full Episode Guide

  • Alex becomes a photographer on the yearbook staff to earn extra credit. Louis develops a crush on Annie when she tutors him. Alex uses her powers to get herself paired with Scott on a photo assignment.

  • The evil Alex wreaks havoc with her friends and family while Annie and Ray try to find the good Alex to recombine the two.

  • Alex is split into two manisfestations of herself when George discovers a chemical that divides GC-161 into it's individual elements.

  • Nicole tries in vain to petition against the plant for environmental violations. Alex is more concerned about her mysterious next-door neighbor who she sees having suspicious contact with the plant.

  • Alex has to use her powers to escape from a trap set by the plant after Vince spreads the rumor that they have the GC-161 kid in custody.

  • Alex carelessly uses her powers and ruins Annie's interview with MIT. She runs away, thinking everyone would be better off without her.

  • George and Barbara run into Danielle when they go to a resort to relax. When Kelly finds out that Alex's parents are out of town, she befriends her and arranges a party that destroys the house. Alex uses her powers to get rid of the guests and clean up. When Kelly heads for the door, Alex confronts her for taking advantage of her trust.

  • Alex and Robyn get jobs at the new video store in Paradise Valley, where Vince and Dave have installed the plant's latest GC-161 detector.

  • Alex, and George discover that gifts and decorations aren't as important as the Christmas spirit, while Dave's gift to Vince is a chimp that runs amok in the plant.

  • Annie is left dangling when she goes mountain climbing to impress Bryce.

  • Alex is upset when Annie agrees to go to the plant carnival with Bryce instead of her. Meanwhile, Danielle must contend with an ex-employee who has returned to the plant - as a government inspector.

  • Alex, Ray, and Louis rescue a kid trapped under a cement pipe in the park. When Louis accepts all the credit and becomes the town's local hero, he falls under the plant's suspicion of having the special powers.

  • Ray captures Alex's powers on video and wants to enter the tape in the Atron JH Video Award contest -- but Danielle and Vince are the judges!

  • Alex thinks Scott wants to ask her to the Pant dance, but Dad keeps getting in the way.

  • Alex steals a test to help Nicole, who is cracking under the pressure. At the plant, George discovers that GC-161 has the capability to alter human genetic structure.

  • Annie aces her English advanced placement exam, allowing her to attend a writing class taught be a renowned author. Alex, sets her mind to join extracirricular activities in hopes that one will bring her some recognition. Alex discovers an unusual talent for cow milking, and wins the Dairy Decathalon.

  • The morning before Halloween, Alex and Ray come across Paradise Valley's haunted house while delivering newspapers. The next day, Louis convinces Alex and Ray to check out the old house. Alex takes a closer look and is sucked in by a mysterious light and comes face-to face with the woman of the house.

  • Ray enters the brutal world of politics when he launches his campaign for eighth grade President.

  • Alex makes the track team, but will she compete in the big meet once she realizes the plant is spying on her?

  • After a collision with a pole during a baseball game, Ray gets the powers and goes public, he even negotiates an endorsement deal with the plant. When Ray finds himself trapped and submitted to test after test, he uses his powers to escape from the plant.

  • Alex inspires Robyn to face the dreaded "Rooney Runabout" and pass P.E.

  • Alex shows Dad the meaning of "good golf" when they enter the Plant's father-daughter golf tournament.

  • Short on cash, Alex babysits Kelly's little sister and is accused of stealing.

  • The plant closes in when Alex's journal, detailing her powers, ends up in the wrong hands.

  • Grounded, Alex sneaks out for a game of roller hockey and a night of trouble.

  • Alex and Dad have trouble connecting, they go on a day trip alone together and chaos ensues.

  • Annie considers going away to school. With Alex's powers going haywire, she must try to convince her to stay.

  • Lex uses her powers to save Ray after he freezes at a school music recital.

  • At career day at the plant, Alex is taped using her powers and she Ray and Annie have to sneak back and get the tape.

  • Alex and Ray have a falling out and Alex is afraid Ray will disclose her secret to the plant.

  • In anger Alex ruins Mom's presentation to Danielle and jeopardizes her job. She then tries to make it up to her mom.

  • Alex, Raymond, and Nicole are facing their first junior high school mid term in history class. Libby, the most popular girl in school, has her own ideas about surviving the mid-term and studying isn't one of them. Libby decides to pull the fire alarm right before the exam.

  • A reporter from the planet newspaper comes to the Macks to do a story, and Alex's cold sends her powers going haywire.

  • Alex and Raymond are continually harassed by upperclassmen, Jessica and Ellen. A food fight ensues and Vice Principal Heller assigns Alex, Raymond, Jessica, and Ellen to clean up the cafeteria every afternoon. Both sets of kids blame each other for the trouble and agree to take up Raymond's challenge of two on two on the basketball court, the losers to admit responsibility.

  • The Impostors, creatures capable of replicating humans as "hard copy holograms", try to steal 'The Secret Thing'. Victor and Anita must protect The Secret Thing at all cost. But what is The Secret Thing? Will Victor ever find out? And how can he tell the difference between the real Anita and the Impostor copy?

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