The Wind In the Willows

Rat and Mole are close friends who live in the tranquil countryside. They spend most of their time together, and their paths frequently cross with Badger, who is more reclusive and very wise. The three of them are deeply concerned about their friend, Mr. Toad, who is extremely wealthy and impetuous. He lives at Toad Hall, a sprawling estate, but it has fallen into disrepair because of his irresponsible behavior. His fixation on various forms of fast transportation is particularly disturbing to the friends. When he lands himself in a sticky predicament, they strive to get him out of it.

5 Seasons, 65 Episodes
December 12, 2009
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Richard Pearson, Peter Sallis, Michael Hordern, David Jason
The Wind In the Willows

The Wind In the Willows Full Episode Guide

  • After a lifetime of adoring himself, Toad is dreadfully smitten. Alas, the course of true love never did run smooth.

  • When Toad decides to enter the River Bank Regatta, it takes a china vase, a clock and a window to build a floating banana. Yes, he's confused too.

  • Our hero achieves the impossible with the help of a barley sugar twist, meets Friar Tuck and Oliver Cromwell, and finds himself married to Mole!

  • As November 28 draws near, Toad becomes obsessed with the zodiac, but the famous Sagittarian gets at least one present the stars failed to foretell.

  • Ratty the River Bank pianist has a rival. Without a single lesson, Toad prepares to give a piano recital that depends on the pedals.

  • Toad decides to make his own entertainment but finds himself in a riverbank where Mole has swapped his Rolls for a donkey!

  • Didicoys, gadzhoes and the night sky for a roof: it's all too much for Toad. He answers the call of the wild -- but it gets wild!

  • Who would dare rewrite Shakespeare? Who could have Robin Hood, Ophelia and the Fairies in the same play? Who would trust a Weasel with the scenery? Oh -- you guessed!

  • Toad's fame is guaranteed. He is about the build the world's most amazing invention -- with the help of a foreign professor. A professor with a long, sharp nose ...

  • Toad takes up fishing, but his friends doubt whether he'll catch anything. In fact, he lands a big one -- even if it isn't a fish.

  • When "The Times" fails to mention Toad -- again -- he invents the perfect answer ... he thinks! The result: a frantic editor, a disastrous newspaper and a great story!

  • With the chief Weasel in jail, the Riverbank is free of its greatest menace -- until Toad receives an offer he can't refuse.

  • Mole and Ratty rescue young Billy, whose home has collapsed due to the railway company's excavations. When they arrive at Toad Hall, they find they are to be entertained by a mystery guest.

  • Toad's plans for a huge bonfire with fireworks are thwarted when the Weasels steal everything -- but their dishonesty backfires on them.

  • The railway company's steam-traction engine is working in the Wild Wood and thoroughly scares Toad out of his wits -- it is Halloween, after all.

  • Toad celebrates the harvest in his own inimitable style -- by investing in a canning machine. But his celebratory meal is less than a perfect success.

  • Gullible Toad is tricked into selling Toad Hall to two solicitors from the railway company who look strangely familiar.

  • Nagged by his friends about his physical condition, Toad invests in some keep-fit apparatus, and turns Toad Hall into a gymnasium -- with disastrous consequences.

  • One of Toad's passions actually comes in useful, as he soars above the countryside in his hot-air balloon with an unwilling passenger.

  • Toad's latest passion for archaeology comes unstuck when the Weasels intervene, and the grand opening of Toad's museum is in shambles.

  • In a fit of medieval pageantry, Toad challenges the weasels to a tournament -- they on their handcar, he on his motorbike.

  • The construction of the railway line diverts Ratty's beloved river and floods the field mice from their homes. But Otter brings news that the havoc this causes is only temporary.

  • The only builders Toad can find to carry out his ridiculous plans for modernizing Toad Hall are a couple of familiar-looking weasels, who leave the Hall looking worse than it was before.

  • Toad's New Year's Eve celebrations come unstuck, as the bagpipes seem to have a life of their own, and he finds himself locked out of his own home at midnight.

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