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Ryan and Kory are twin brothers with one big secret: They're Tobot pilots. As Daedo is threatened by a growing throng of villains, the pilots are thrust into the role of heroes. Highly advanced transforming cars, the twins must use their Tobots' unique battling skills to protect the city. As the villains close in, Daedo hangs in the balance.

Tobot is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (123 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 2018.

Where do I stream Tobot online? Tobot is available for streaming on Janson Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Tobot on demand at Amazon Prime, Netflix, Amazon online.

Janson Media
4 Seasons, 123 Episodes
January 1, 2018
Cast: Octavian Kaul, Valin Shinyei, Chelsea Miller, Sunni Westbrook, Sam Vincent
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Tobot Full Episode Guide

  • Using an elaborate dance routine to distract the villains, Y and D sneak into the fortress and free Dr. Glare. Mr. Towers eventually realizes he's being tricked and sends Mr. Majeeko after Y and D, who escape. The Pilots form Tobot Giga one last time and destroy FortressBot. Mr. Holmes reunites with Diluk and then defeats Mr. Towers, leaving him and Mr. Majeeko to be arrested.

  • Y's propellers are fixed using the remnants of a drone. Team Tobot embarks on a rescue mission for Dr. Glare. Diluk fruitlessly attempts to contact Mr. Holmes. The Pilots form Tobot Giga again, but they're so shaken from their previous failure that his power levels haven't regenerated. FortressBot beats Giga and the team is forced to retreat. Mr. Towers offers Dr. Glare in exchange for the Tobots.

  • Ambusher becomes ambushee as the Tobots turn Mr. Majeeko's surprise attack on its head, driving him back off the shore. Mr. Towers puts Diluk back in charge, who tries to lower the team's morale by teasing them with their favorite foods. Diluk attempts to cross the divide via catapult. He spots Dr. Glare and kidnaps her. The pilots integrate Giga Seven for the first time.

  • The Tobots are in poor condition after their battle. Dr. Noh leads the team to an island research lab run by his friend. The weary Tobots are forced to keep fighting when the bridge refuses to retract. With no other option Dr. Noh destroys the bridge, keeping Diluk away but stranding Team Tobot on the island. Dr. Noh's friend Dr. Shade shows the Pilots his plan to integrate all the Tobots.

  • Diluk and Mr. Majeeko lure the Tobots and their Pilots to their headquarters. Mr. Towers activates the powerful FortressBot, and though the Tobots make an admirable attempt, it proves too strong even for Deltatron. Just when it's starting to look like the end for the Tobots, Limo and Dr. Noh arrive and order the kids to retreat. Mr. Towers sends Diluk and Mr. Majeeko off with the Hounderbots.

  • Mr. Towers and Mr. Majeeko are locked in a car-chase with Officer Oh and Neon, but manage to escape thanks to Diluk. The news of the breakout reaches the Chairman and Team Tobot. Dr. Noh instructs them to split up and cover all roads to the factory, but the groups are distracted by the decoy landslide Diluk sets off. Mr. Towers, Diluk and Mr. Majeeko succeed in infiltrating the Chairman's hideout.

  • The Tobots and their Pilots are learning to love the farming lifestyle. In prison, Mr. Towers receives a letter of dismissal from the Chairman, sending him on the warpath for revenge. He also intercepts a letter from Mr. Holmes addressed to Diluk, containing a secret phone number. Mr. Towers promises Diluk access to these digits on the condition of his assistance.

  • The Tobot team goes to claim their tour of the factory. Mr. Towers sends his bots to wreak havoc for the villagers and stall the Tobots long enough for BulldozerBot to be completed. Their new opponent proves to be tougher than they'd imagined but with the help of D, a newly re-programmed T and the angry villagers, the Tobots defeat BulldozerBot.

  • The Pilots have a run-in with Diluk after he sabotages the greenhouse they built, making the Tobots look unreliable. Using his sway at the farming club, Diluk bans the Tobots from the village all over again. The team realizes that their only way to access the factory is to win the local singing contest. To foil their plan, Mr. Towers enters Diluk and Mr. Majeeko in the contest.

  • Diluk and the Bikerbots begin working for Cheryl Holmes, in exchange she allows them to stay at her house. Meanwhile, the Tobot pilots attempt to win back the hearts of the villagers by volunteering around town, much to the irritation of Mr. Towers, who has been given the go-ahead to double the expansion of his factory. Mr. Majeeko is sent to scare off Paxton and Noah. Their loyalty doesn't waver.

  • Team Tobot returns to the campsite with Dr. Noh and Noah. Noah parts ways with the Tobots, promising to see them the following morning. Diluk is hard at work on a farm nearby, doing hard labor in exchange for Mrs. Holmes' home address. Kory and Tobot Y take to the skies to investigate Dr. Noh's claims that the water pollution is stemming from the nearby factory.

  • Team Tobot enjoys the momentary peace in Daedo while Dr. Noh continues to investigate the source of the water pollution. Mr. Towers and Mr. Majeeko are alerted to Dr. Noh's presence and launch an attack to capture him and the Puppybase. Noah offers Dr. Noh some help and they hide from the villain's Purplebots while waiting for backup. Team Tobot arrives in the countryside.

  • With the mighty Excabot defeated, Mr. Towers triggers a self-destruct sequence on his underground operation. The Tobots and their pilots are forced to make a daring escape before the tunnels collapse. After the intense battle, the pilots feel much closer to Liam and are sad to hear that he and his father are leaving town. Mr. Towers fumes over his defeat.

  • Team Tobot enters the underground network dug by the villains and try to locate Liam. Kory's disdain for Liam starts to boil over. Mr. Towers and Mr. Majeeko take advantage of the moment after the pair split up and manage to corner Kory and Tobot Y. Meanwhile, Ryan and Dylan are trapped in a continuous loop underground. The entire team realizes that they need to work together.

  • Coach Kook is face-to-face with Diluk and the Excabot when Liam and Tobot K arrive just in time. The Excabot is able to use some of Angela's latest tricks to overpower Tobot K, but is stopped by the arrival of the rest of the Tobot team. Diluk and his Bikerbots manage a narrow escape. Ryan and Kory continue to make Liam a scapegoat for their problems, further straining their relationship.

  • Liam, unable to find a solution to his snoring, considers leaving Daedo. Mr. Towers is eager to continue excavating, but Diluk tricks him into buying filmmaking equipment under the guise of "extra security". Mr. Majeeko takes the Excabot in an attempt to impress Mr. Towers. Dr. Noh, Coach Kook and Liam detect the Excabot underground, resulting in a heated battle between Tobot K and the Excabot.

  • Diluk is recognized by Mr. Towers and earns the respect he desperately craves. With the shoe on the other foot, Mr. Majeeko starts to become frustrated with his villainous employer. Liam is invited to sleep over at Dylan's home instead. Team Tobot brainstorms what the cause of the sinkholes could be. Coach Kook takes the investigation into his own hands.

  • Ryan and Kory continue to have trouble sleeping due to Liam's incessant snoring. Diluk's frustration grows as Mr. Majeeko torments him with menial tasks. Angela gives Diluk some helpful advice to turn his luck around. More mysterious sinkholes appear across town, which causes a building to collapse. Tensions begin to bubble over at the Char's residence after Liam is unable to stop his snoring.

  • The Tobots receive some new martial arts training from Tobot K. Diluk recruits Angela to come and work for Mr. Towers alongside him. Team Tobot tries to solve the mystery of Coach Kook's family tree as Liam becomes closer with the pilots. Diluk laments his bad luck and fantasizes about finding Mr. Holmes again. Angela showcases her latest evil creation to Mr. Towers.

  • A new Tobot pilot arrives in Daedo and saves the day. As Dr. Noh works on his latest invention, an old friend of Franklin's and Limo's shows up in town. Diluk is tasked with grueling physical work under his new employer, Mr. Holmes. Mr. Towers begins to execute his master plan in Daedo City. Diluk encounters an old villainous colleague.

  • Officer Oh warns Limo that the train has changed directions and is making it's way back, full steam. Limo hurries to place the Mind Cores back in the Tobots, but he's working in the dark. Officer Oh panics as she witnesses the train transform into a terrifying villainous robot.

  • With the Tobots gone, the pilots finally come to their senses and realize that their addiction was largely caused by the embedded sound waves in the game.

  • Mr. Holmes tells Diluk of his plans to overthrow the current Mayor of Daedo City, and to replace him with Diluk. Angela receives news that the Tobot pilots have removed the mind cores from their Tobots.

  • Franklin, Limo and Dr. Noh board a ferry they believe is meant to take them to the tech conference.

  • Dylan and Dolly, like the twins before them, use the game skills in real life. The results are immediate and successful, further convincing the pilots that these moves are more powerful than the ones they've been using in the past.

  • Diluk is disguised as a student and waits outside the school yet again. When Ryan emerges, he tails him around town, standing by until Ryan and his friend part ways. Diluk reports back to Angela that Ryan is alone and she sends some more old robots to cause trouble ahead of Ryan's path.

  • Kory and Ryan are interested in a popular new video game based on the Tobots. Kory wants to pick up a copy but Ryan advises against it, reasoning that it may reveal their true identities if the actual Tobot pilots play a game based on them.

  • Angela's robots are fended off by the arrival of the rest of the Tobots. News spreads between the pilots and the villains that Timmy's made his way to Daedo World, the amusement park.

  • With the rest of the Tobot Team looking on in horror, Kory barely lands Y safely. The team rushes toward Tobot Y, open the cockpit and are irritated to discover that Kory was just playing a prank on everyone. Before they have a chance to scold him, Diluk calls yet again.

  • Devastated over Y's defeat, the pilots discuss their bleak situation. Dr. Noh arrives with some much needed good news; Tobot X has finally been repaired! Spirits lifted, the pilots begin plotting Timmy and W's rescue.

  • Team Tobot waits anxiously for Diluk's next phone call. Nathan secretly switches his phone case with Kory's and disappears. Outside his home, his phone finally rings. It's Diluk, calling to set up a time and location for the exchange.

  • Limo, Dr. Noh and Franklin remain stumped over Tobot X's programming bug. Despite their best efforts they still haven't been able to identify the problem.

  • Tobot X prepares himself for his new upgrade. He reminisces about his younger days as a little mind core and he wonders whether he'll like his upgraded version. Tobot Y tries to tell X he's being dramatic, to no avail.

  • Diluk demands to know why Mr. Towers thinks he can't be Chairman. Mr. Towers introduces his own villain disciple; Mr. Majeeko, and explains that this suave magician is clearly better suited to the task. Mr. Holmes and Mr. Towers agree to a competition to determine which of the villains will earn the top position of Chairman.

  • Dylan tries to uncover the mystery of the black key left to him by his father. He paces through his home, pushing the button on the key in an attempt to discover what it controls. As he opens his front door he encounters Tobot Zero, who's been waiting for him outside.

  • Dylan arrives at Angela's boxing club with the intention of investigating what her connection is to Limo. Dylan unknowingly makes contact with Angela, but she cleverly dismisses him.

  • Angela reminds Diluk that they used to work together at Boorong Motors, but he struggles to recall her. Once he does remember however, he is threatened by her arrival, seeing her as competition for the position of Chairman. Back at the hospital, the kids attempt to hide Limo's status as a public enemy from Dylan.

  • The police discover that it's one specific tow truck that's dispensing SlugBots all throughout the city, and decide to track down the vehicle's owner. Back at the hospital, Dylan is brought up to speed on the dangerous consequences of the racing game he was given.

  • Everyone is visiting Dylan at the hospital while his leg is healing-- except for Limo, who unbeknownst to the team, is secretly working on Zero. Diluk is also keeping a secret of his own, pretending to be suffering from his extreme diet, and then sneaking off to gobble up all kinds of sweets.

  • Limo initially turns down Angela's offer to come work with her, but when she tells him it's for a charity project his resolution wavers. To really persuade him, Angela shows Limo the towtruck she's been working on, and reveals it's made with parts of Tobot Zero, one of Limo's old creations.

  • Limo gives Tobot Z an exciting new upgrade called "Adventure Z." However, before Dylan gets a chance to test out Z's new moves, the boys are called out on an emergency mission to Daedo City.