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Touched by an Angel is a supernatural drama series based on heavenly occurrences with ordinary people. Monica, Tess,and Andrew are sent to earth to minister to ordinary people. Monica is a newly promoted employee from the search and rescue department. Tess, her immediate supervisor and boss, help Monica solve the most difficult cases, and Andrew is the Angel of Death. Andrew also lends a helping hand in solving some of the cases, as well as escorting souls to heaven or hell.

The story can be focused on one individual or a variety of individuals with specific problems such as suicide, divorce, loss of a child, or just anything one could image in everyday life. The story tells of the character's personal life in detail, shares the character's personal feelings, and the decision that the character has to choose from. Monica, Tess, and Andrew help the character make the right decision, because the character doesn't know which way to go.

Touched By An Angel is a series that is currently running and has 9 seasons (198 episodes). The series first aired on September 21, 1994.

Touched By An Angel is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Touched By An Angel on demand atApple TV+, CBS, Amazon Prime online.

9 Seasons, 198 Episodes
September 21, 1994
Cast: Roma Downey, Della Reese, John Dye, Valerie Bertinelli, Zachary Quinto
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Touched By An Angel Full Episode Guide

  • In the two-part series finale, Monica is up for career review and a possible promotion as she embarks upon what will become her very last and most challenging mission. As she journeys into Ascension, a town recovering from a tragedy, Monica encounters a mysterious drifter na

  • Monica is up for a career review and possible promotion as she embarks upon what will become her very last and most challenging mission.

  • The Angels reunite with an old friend on the eve of her wedding to an agnostic man and try to stop her from making a mistake she will regret. Country Music Star Wynonna Judd Returns to Guest Star.

  • The Angels help unite a community which has been torn apart by a generation gap. Emmy Award-winner Alex Rocco, Gavin MacLeod, and Scott Thompson Guest Star.

  • The angels lend guidance to a troubled teen obsssed with a violent video game.

  • The angels attempt to fulfill a dying inventor's dream of completing an energy-saving invention.

  • The Angels help a young singer in danger of losing her vocal chords find her true voice. Recording Artist, Krystal Harris, Guest Stars.

  • The angels help a lost angel find her way back to heaven when she gets stuck on earth.

  • The Angels teach three different couples the meaning of love on Valentine's Day. William Daniels, Louis Mandylor, Bonnie Bartlett and Cress Williams Guest Star.

  • A man decides to commit suicide after living with Lou Gherig's Disease for the past two years and the angels intervene.

  • The Angels help a priest lend his guidance to troubled brothers who are about to be involved in a potential crime. Charles Durning Guest Stars.

  • The angels help a lonely man who doesn't want to return a runaway girl to her father.

  • The Angels try to raise the spirits of a group of workers who learn they are about to lose their jobs on Christmas Eve.

  • The angels help a man too consumed with his business to help his ailing mother. Tess shows early signs of Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Natalie Tate has created a fictional identity for herself as the daughter of wealthy, jet setting family and is accepted into the popular clique at school. In reality, she lives in a trailer park with her young single mother, Annie (guest star country music artist Jo Dee Messina), who

  • The angels help a suicidal teen, who lost a friend to suicide, and an embittered radio shock jock.

  • The angels intercede when a father-daughter relationship becomes challenged by the daughter's obssessive compulsive disorder.

  • Kristie and Doug Jackson are celebrating their anniversary when the party is disrupted by Monique, who wreaks havoc on the Jackson's marriage and prevents Gloria and the other Angels in their efforts to assist the young couple. Gloria's faith in herself as an angel is tested when, no matter what sh

  • The angels step in when an act of heroism brings a man fleeting fame and he struggles to remain true to himself.

  • An asteroid is headed for Earth and the angels must prevent mass destruction, on the ninth-season premiere of "Touched by an Angel."

  • The angels help a couple who want to adopt a child from China, but have relatives who oppose the adoption for fear it will affect the integrity of the family's heritage.

  • As a teenager, Reggie was a promising singer, talented enough to audition for Barry Gordy, the head of Motown Records. But he was devastated when Gordy failed to contact him and decided to give up on his dream of singing. Now in his early 40s and working as a high school j

  • Dr. Maggie De Santo and her husband, Brian, are both dedicated doctors. But Maggie's dedication to her work leaves her little time for anything else, including her marriage. Maggie's mother, Rose, wants only the best for her daughter and plans a trip to listen to the Bells of St. P

  • Local high school students plant a bomb at a school and the angels must intervene.

  • Monica and Andrew help a young girll search for the father she never knew.

  • The angels help a man who has been holding on to a painful secret for seventeen years.

  • Fifty years earlier when he was an idealistic young man, Max (guest star Ernest Borgnine) wanted to change the world through television and bring people together. However, Max has now given up on his vision, despite the help of Elmer (guest star Tom Bosley), a long-time friend. Now Max

  • Seven years earlier, Elizabeth Jessup (Rashad), a famous news journalist, was unable to admit she was an alcoholic. But when Elizabeth nearly lost her granddaughter in a fire due to circumstances she created while drunk, she decided to get clean and sober. However, Elizabeth is now f

  • The Lewis family's Christmas spirit is lost since a beloved member of the community is missing as a result of the terrorist attack on The World Trade Center. After three months, there has been no sign of Mr. Harper, and this proves difficult for Victoria Lewis (Brown) to explain to her son, Benn

  • A former history professor faces his own past thanks to a group on former students.

  • Mike and his mother, Allison, have looked after each other for years, but Mike has always wondered why his father left him and has longed for that special bond that only a father and son share. Gloria, who is working in a record shop, runs across a jazz record with Mike

  • A naïve Gloria watches over a troubled teen and ends up taking ecstasy. The other angels are called upon to help them.

  • Throughout high school, Ricky constantly ridiculed Dennis. The only thing they had in common was their affection for Ricky's girlfriend, Melissa. Dennis planned to confess his love for Melissa at the reunion and chastise Ricky for being a bully during high school. But when Dennis a

  • Monica helps a man on death row come to grips with his past. She is able to bring his family together for one last moment in time.

  • A jewish community is threatened by skinheads. The angels attempt to put a stop to the violence.

  • Monica introduces Gloria to some of the human rituals surrounding the delightful conundrum humans call love. During happy hour at a jazz club, Tess is reunited with her longtime friend and club owner, Betty. Betty has been happily married to her piano playing husband for more than 30 years. She expl

  • The angels help a desperate man deal with his emotions. Gloria must show the man that he can help others if only he will open his heart and mind.

  • Andrew pays a visit to Catherine, an 88-year-old woman who lost her husband in WWII. Gloria masquerades as a student to infiltrate Paul's history class. Here, she meets Thomas, a history professor with a zeal for Arklore. Later, at the base of Mount Nebo, Thomas uses all of his clues to pinpoint the

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