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Whitney Cummings created and writes Whitney, a show loosely based on her life and comedy routine. In it, she plays Whitney, a photographer who lives with her boyfriend Alex. They have decided that marriage is not for them, since Whitney is skittish about commitment due to her tumultuous childhood. She tends to be clumsy in her relationships.

Alex is an internet entrepreneur while Whitney is a photographer. They live together in an apartment in Chicago.

Whitney, along with her two best friends, Roxanne, a slightly bitter divorcee, and Lily, who hopes to be married, drink heavily and rely on each other for support and advice. Whitney and Lily have been friends since college, and they have known Roxanne for several years.

Alex's best friend is a man's man. Mark is a Chicago police officer and is constantly on the prowl for women. When he is in the same room as Whitney and her friends he is sure to be sexist and offensive, but in a way that you can laugh at. He styles himself as a lady's man, but this is fairly hard to believe.

Occasionally Whitney's parents will appear and push her further over the line toward crazy. Ever word out of her mother's mouth is either a back-handed compliment or an insult. Her father is less nasty, but much more vacant. He is also a bit of a con man. Whitney blames her problems in life on her parents - with good reason.

Whitney is not a family-friendly series. One of the first episodes features Whitney trying to spice up her relationship; however, it ends up in hilarity, not in the gutter. Overall, this is not a show that one would want to watch with kids.

Whitney is funny, unique, and pushes the envelope. The ensemble cast works well together to make you laugh. This isn't just another sitcom with a pretty girl. This bombshell has bite.

2 Seasons, 38 Episodes
September 22, 2011
Cast: Whitney Cummings, Chris D'Elia, Rhea Seehorn, Zoe Lister-Jones
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Whitney Full Episode Guide

  • Whitney is alarmed when she spots her psychiatrist, Dr. Price (Guest star Chelsea Handler), ferociously eating a birthday cake by herself.

  • Alex sets up a blind date for Lily. Meanwhile, Lily learns Alex and Whitney's opinion of her.

  • It's always fun and games until someone shows their backside.

  • Alex persuades Whitney to go to his parent's lake house for their honeymoon, but is surprised by an expected guest.

  • Whitney is thrilled to reconnect with her half-sister, but when the reason behind Lauren's visit is revealed, Whitney realizes she must support her sibling's life-changing decision.

  • When R.J. and Alex reminisce about their former motorcycle days, Alex tries to reinvent his past.

  • When Whitney's father visits, he gives her $5,000. Alex suggests she use the money to rent an art gallery to display her photos, but she gives the money to Lily instead.

  • Whitney snaps and reveals how she really feels about Alex's abrasive brother.

  • Alex lies to Whitney so that he can have some alone time, but when she discovers the truth, she forces them to go to couples therapy.

  • Whitney wants to meet with her ex-boyfriend to see if he's still a jerk, but Alex is uncomfortable with the situation.

  • While exploring the possibilities for Alex's allergy flare ups , Whitney reveals a heart condition that has plagued her since childhood.

  • Alex offers his ex-fiance a place to stay while she's in town without Whitney's approval.

  • When Alex accidentally falls off the stage while speaking at his alma mater, Whitney offers no sympathy. Meanwhile, R.J. (Tone Bell) tries to educate Mark on the art of chivalry using Lily as an example.

  • When Alex reveals the truth about a past transgression, Whitney decides they need to come clean about their past lies. Meanwhile, Lily tells Alex too much about Whitney's history.

  • In the season 2 premiere, Whitney is so happy her mother Candi visits as she and Alex celebrate their unofficial wedding day. Her mother leaves unexpectedly and causes her to break out in tears. Alex's response doesn't help the situation. Meanwhile, Lily and Roxanne struggle to agree on the perfect wedding gift for Whitney.

  • Alex and Whitney go to City Hall to get married, but they soon learn Whitney's drivers license has expired.

  • Alex asks Whitney to marry him, but she brushes it off.

  • Neal has been M.I.A. so Alex and Whitney visit his apartment and discover he's on a date.

  • Whitney finds a box of Alex's ex girlfriend's stuff. She asks Alex about her but wants more information and asks Mark. Lily tries to be the ideal roommate for Roxanne but things only seem to be getting worse. Neal asks Whitney to help him come up with a post break-up meetup with Lily so things aren't so awkward.

  • When Whitney is face to face with a mugger, her reactions surprises her and Alex.

  • Giving her new enhancement bra a trial run, Whitney gets a little more than expected when she entices Alex with her enhanced look. Mark takes advantage of Roxanne when she asks him to help pack up Lance's stuff. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal begin discussing a pre-nup.

  • Whitney is surprised to find out that Roxanne's ex-husband is in town.

  • Roxanne hires Whitney to be her assistant and office spy. Desperate to help Roxanne, Whitney befriends Lindsay (Kathy Griffin), the assistant to Roxanne's nemesis, and goes out of her way to appeal to her. Alone at home, Alex decides to do a little reorganizing. Mark, who is dealing with a girl problem, seeks help from Neal and Lily.

  • Whitney pretends to love Lily's wedding ideas; Alex pretends to be a hipster to improve his career; Roxanne pretends to be interested in her date.

  • Whitney gets upset with Alex when he refuses to share the password to his phone with her. Deciding they both need some solo time, they each plan a night out without each other -- but when Whitney comes home early she finds Alex in a compromising position. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal move into their new apartment together.

  • Whitney and Alex come up with a plan to skip out on their family so they can start new traditions with their friends.

  • Lily asks Whitney to be her maid of honor and to plan an engagement party for her and her fiance. Whitney accepts, but the stress of it all keeps her up all night. She seeks help from her therapist with disastrous results.

  • Whitney and Alex go on a double date and she is surprised he had a life before she came into his life.

  • When Mark and Alex get in a fight, Mark makes a compelling argument for why the gang should side with him.

  • Mark's hidden camera antics prove to be a little unnerving.

  • Whitney and Alex romance hits a deadlock. Lily hopes Neal proposes soon.

  • After Whitney catches Alex checking out a hot girl she pleads for him to admit it. Whitney decides the best punishment for her boyfriend is the silent treatment. She soon realizes that Alex is enjoying the treatment and she begins to plot a new misery making tactic.

  • Whitney has an epiphany when she realizes that she and Alex have never gone on an official first date. She decides to create a "first date" where they must both abide by all of the "rules" of a typical first date.

  • In the series premiere of Whitney, Alex and Whitney's relationship has plateaued but they are both unwilling to take the plunge.

Whitney News

E! Pulls Whitney Cummings' 'Love You, Mean It' Talk Show

E! quietly removed "Love You, Mean It" from the air after a short run. Whitney Cummings' self-titled show also faces possible cancellation.

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