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Women of the Sun is a drama series that was made in Australia. It is a historical drama series which was shown on the station known as SBS Television. This particular show was an award winning series and began airing in the early 1980's. Women of the Sun was written by the likes of Sonia Borg and Hyllus Maris. The show portrays the life of four indigenous Australian women known as Aboriginal who live their lives from the 1820's to the 1980's. It had four hour long episodes which show the lives of these women in detail. What made this show among the top ones during the early 1980's was the fact that it won a number of Awards including the Awgies, Penguin Awards, United Nations Media Peace Prize and the Banff Grand Prix.

The show Women of the Sun has four distinct episodes that take place in specific time periods in Australian history. The first episode chronicles the life of Alinta The Flame. In this episode viewers were shown the first contact that took place between the indigenous Aboriginals and the Europeans in 1820. The first Europeans were convicts of Britain and they were washed onto shore. The Aboriginal tribe takes care of them and gets them healthy again. Shortly after that the Europeans begin settling on the land and begin to eliminate the Aboriginals. Alinta and her child then look to carry on the culture of their tribe in the future. The other episodes take place in 1860 in which it shows the life of Maydina who is looking to escape captors. In the third episode, the life of Nerida Anderson is portrayed as she looks to improve the conditions of her reservation but due to constant difficulty she decides to leave the reserve during the year 1939. Finally the fourth episode covers Ann Cutler who is an 18 year old girl living with her adoptive parents in 1980. During this episode Ann initially believes that she is of French descent but then finds out that she is Aboriginal. She then looks to contact her birth mother to find out for sure about her true origin. The four episodes are quite intriguing as they portray the lives of the four women at distinct times in Australian history and also shows people the life of the ethnic people's of the nation throughout history.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
May 27, 2008
Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Naykakan Munung, Yangathu Wanambi, Gordon Lunyupi, William Zappa
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Women of the Sun Full Episode Guide

  • Do Young is in a life threatening car accident, her family is forced to get over their issues as her life hangs in the balance.

  • Do Young rushes to save Ji Young from Guen Suk and later she finds out more about her biological parents.

  • As Do Young's secret life is starting to come out she has to find a way to hide it just little longer. That is when Geun Suk offers to take care of her problem, Ji Young, for a price.

  • Professor Choi remembers that Sa Wol is Ji Young and can't bring herself to forgive Do Young for what she has done.

  • Do Youngs is seen slapping Sa Wol and Da Young's dad finds out who Sa Wol really is.

  • Do Young goes to see the "Two Sisters" play which forces her to relive her past. Sa Wol gets a guest spot on Wonder Woman to promote her play.

  • Sa Wol decides to write and perform in a play about her past with the help of Do Young's co-worker Kim Eun Bi.

  • With her newly found birth mother having no memory of her, Sa Wol is desperate to have Professor Choi remember her.

  • After her accident Professor Choi wakes up with no memory of who Sa Wol really is.

  • Sa Wol starts to remember some of her past and Do Young's mom, Professor Choi, now believes that Sa Wol could be her Ji Young.

  • Sa Wal finds out that her friend from her past Joon Sae, who she likes, is Do Young's boyfriend.

  • Ji Young is found and returns home but is this really the Ji Young that Do Young abandoned all those years ago?

  • A person from Do Young's past shows up an threatens to expose that she was once an orphan.

  • Do Young's suspicions about Sa Wol are confirmed, now she needs a way to hide the truth from everyone else.

  • Sa Wol gets a call from the news station saying they have found her birth parents but everything doesn't feel right.

  • Sa Wol gets a new job and is adjusting to her new job and having Do Young and Dang woo in her life.

  • Do Young mistakenly accusing Sa Wol of being a thief, we see that Do Young's life is all its seems to be and Do Young reunites Sa Wol and Dang Woo.

  • Do Young remebers what it was like living with Ji Young as a child and reason why she didn't what her around anymore.

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