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Spike TV is letting the public in on secrets of off road vehicles. The show will follow the hosts as they show the world how to build and use their vehicle for off road options to the fullest of their ability. The show explains and shows exactly how to create the greatest and coolest vehicles for mud, rocks, and dirt roads. The vehicles will be tested and proven to be the best and show then how to create them. The how-to aspect of the show is weighed heavily to ensure that the audience to given all of the know how and knowledge to create and expand your horizons on building and making current off road automobiles. Bettering the vehicles which you may already to make them off road capable will be displayed for everyone.

When building an off road vehicle there are steps in which to take, this show will display everything someone would need to know in order to get the perfect run out of your automobile. The show will tell viewers hot to correctly do wheel alignments for the best off road experience. As well will teach how to secure suspension and roll-cages for extreme dirt and mud adventures.

Spike's new show is here for everyone to see what is it really like to drive in rocks, mud, and dirt in vehicle, and show how to create and manage the one which is made. These vehicle will be made and perfected on the screen to ensure that the audience understands how and why the vehicle they make perform best. Xtreme 4x4 is here to introduce the world to the off road experience.

Spike TV
10 Seasons, 200 Episodes
January 22, 2011
Cast: Ian Johnson
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Xtreme 4x4 Full Episode Guide

  • The 1978 FJ40 was a great rig, but the manual steering is definitely outdated. We'll help one viewer update his ride, with modern power steering.

  • Take a junkyard JK. Add a Hemi, upgraded suspension, and a bunch of custom fab work, and you've got the off-road version of the classic Hot Rod!

  • We built up a buggy from a kit chassis, with only the tools you'd find in a typical home garage. Today, we test it out at Mayhem Off Road Park!

  • It's affordable, fast, and fun! We'll upgrade our short course RC car, and get driving tips from a pro racer. Plus: Dirt Riot action from Moab!

  • A totaled 2007 JK will become an over-engineered trail rig, thanks in part to the HEMI inside this junkyard Jeep!

  • Our four-seater receives a high-end driveline, dual-braking system, and more! Plus: bumpers and a winch for one of our viewers, on "Driveway Rescue".

  • We've got the info you need to keep your rig running smooth! Including: choosing the right tire for your axle, wiring an electric fan, and more.

  • Today we focus on a project designed for the weekend welder: the final assembly of our tube buggy. Steering upgrades, cooling system, and more!

  • We designed a safari truck, complete with solar power, secure storage, and a rugged solid axle... now we'll test it on the road and in the woods!

  • Our ready-to-weld crawler kit will soon be rolling, with hydraulic steering and air struts! Plus: Easy lighting upgrades for one of our viewers.

  • Our expedition Toyota receives all the gear for the long journey including solar power, rugged cargo storage, and more. Plus: the Easter Jeep Safari!

  • You don't need a shop full of dedicated equipment to build a capable crawler! Plus: all the axle-breaking action from the SETTC!

  • With some planning and the right upgrades, the Tacoma can be a very capable expedition rig. Our conversion begins with a complete suspension redesign.

  • This series covers 4x4s, how-to projects, extreme off-road events, and off road lifestyles all hosted by real enthusiasts with real world experiences.

  • This series covers 4x4s, how-to projects, extreme off-road events, and off road lifestyles all hosted by real enthusiasts with real world experiences.

  • This series covers 4x4s, how-to projects, extreme off-road events, and off road lifestyles all hosted by real enthusiasts with real world experiences.

  • After a comprehensive upgrade of our TJ's tires, driveline, and suspension, we try out our Jeep on the road and in the rocks!

  • With only a welder and some common shop tools, we put together a DIY chassis kit. Plus: In-depth info on one of the toughest tube buggies around!

  • Our F-150 project's got plenty of substance, but Raptor-inspired body panels will give it style, too! Plus: interior improvements for our TJ.

  • To run like a Raptor, our F-150 receives a cost-conscious Lighting powerplant. Plus: an in-depth look at Jeep Speed racers.

  • We bring our Aluminum-bodied Samurai to the Zuwharrie Trail Ride, and check out all the rigs at the East Coast's premier Suzuki Event.

  • Don't get stuck on the trail! We cover the essential tips and tools you'll want to have ready for your next trip. Plus: trail-ready seats for our TJ.

  • The aluminum-tubbed Samurai gains style points with handmade half-doors, HID lights, and a durable paint job. Plus: driveline upgrades for our TJ!

  • Our 2500 HD chase truck receives engine updates, body protection, and powerful work lights. Then we'll load up our racer for a run on the open road!

  • We focus on setting up your rig's spring rate for peak performance. Plus: horsepower and heartbreak at the Gorilla Run hill climb!

  • We transform a Chevy 2500 HD into a chase truck, ready to provide support for a Jeep Speed desert racer. Plus: how to strengthen your TJ's roll cage.

  • We rebuild an F-150 to compete with the Raptor... at half the price! Bypass shocks and extended control arms give us greater performance and control.

  • So you want the performance of the Ford Raptor, without the price? Today on Xtreme 4x4, we design a ride that competes with the Raptor... at half the cost!

  • We finish up the Blog Buggy, and venture out for a demanding day on the rocks! Plus: a space-saving rooftop tent for our WJ.

  • With our Blog Buggy as an example, we show you how to make body panels for your tube buggy. Plus: exciting off-road racing action from the ECORS series!

  • Our redesigned Samurai receives a lightweight aluminum body, custom roll cage, rock sliders and more!

  • We take our Grand Cherokee and expedition trailer on a camping trip, for a weekend full of wheeling fun!

  • We build big power on our 5.3L small block, with a new camshaft, upgraded valve train, plus a custom turbo setup!

  • Our Expedition Grand Cherokee project continues, with upgrades to the transfer case and steering. Plus: all the action from the Dixie Run trail ride!

  • With a redesigned custom frame, we begin our latest and greatest vision of the Suzuki Samurai! Plus, tips for building your own chassis.

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