Z Rock

The show Z Rock follows a heavy medal band Z02. This is a fictional rock band, They make a living by performing at birthday parties for children. The comedy show also features a counterterrorism agency that has to work with drug addicts.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 24, 2008
Cast: Joey Cassata, Lynne Koplitz, David Zablidowsky, Paul Zablidowsky
Z Rock

Z Rock Full Episode Guide

  • ZO2 gets the gig of a lifetime: a Bar Mitzvah. Technically speaking, it's actually a "B-iz-ar Mitzvah" for a well-known black rapper, and it's being filmed as the pilot episode of a highly anticipated reality series about crazy Bar Mitzvahs.

  • John Popper returns, rehabilitated, 12-stepping, and looking to make amends for prior misdeeds - namely, nearly ruining the boys' careers.

  • On the eve of Battle of the Bands, Joey hurts his knee, putting ZO2's entry into question - and turning their biggest rival, Steel Panther, into the favorites to win the competition and take home the $15,000 prize.

  • The boys' dreams finally come true: they play a wrestling-themed kids party in which they get to dress up in tights and capes. Pulled Pork Paulie, Joeylicious, and ChippenDave put on quite a show.

  • As the boys search for a new sound for ZO2, an old ghost reappears and throws the makeup of the band into question; Dave Navarro is back.

  • Neil begs his way into a raucous road trip with the boys when they land a two-night gig opening for Brett Michaels in the tawny suburbs of Westchester.

  • The boys play a kids party for a lesbian couple and their adopted Chinese child, then get a shot at redemption when Dina scores them a gig opening for Kiss...or so they thought.

  • Their professional lives on track, the boys turn their attention towards their 3rd major concern in life: the opposite sex.

  • It's months after the Harry Braunstein signing disaster and Paulie, David, and Joey are still unable to land rock or kids gigs. In fact, they're reduced to scraping pennies together just to eat.

  • Faced with having to accept the Popper deal or lose it forever, the boys decide they don't care if they lose it forever -- they'll never sacrifice ZO2 for money. And then they do. When they learn that Dina's lost everything trying to make their dreams come true, they put their dreams aside for her and agree to be Z Brothers exclusively in exchange for Popper's sweet contract cash. Of course, that's before they learn that Harry Braunstein has a spot for ZO2 on his roster after all. John Popper, Dave Attell, and Joan Rivers guest star.Guests: Dave Attell, Joan Rivers and John Popper

  • The boys get the big break they've been working for when they open for Joan Rivers. But with their confidence at an all-time high, they succumb to the temptations of the casino and jeopardize everything in the process. Paulie learns that alcohol does affect decision-making; Joey discovers that putting a Cassata-style "beating" on the casino can have consequences; and David proves he doesn't have to be in Brooklyn to do something stupid -- the Tri-State area works just fine. Joan Rivers guest stars.Guests: Joan Rivers

  • The future of the band is threatened as the boys get caught up in their own worlds. Paulie pursues a solo career while David tries his hand at modeling and Joey tries his hand at himself. The guys must choose between going their separate ways and admitting they're much better as a team than they'll ever be on their own.Guests: Dee Snider

  • Haunted and confused by his feelings for Paulie, Neil terminates ZO2's regular gig at Southpaw. With the future of the rock band in question, Dina lands them a gig at Manhattan's Cutting Room. Only it's jazz night, and the crowd doesn't dig their sound. The guys somehow dodge an all-out race war and win over the audience, Joan Rivers, and a tearful Neil in the process. Joan Rivers and Patrice Oneal guest star.Guests: Joan Rivers and Patrice Oneal

  • The Z Brothers play a bris and meet John Popper. Paulie passes him a ZO2 CD and he absolutely flips for the band. With a little "persuasion" from former flame, Dina, Popper offers the guys the record deal they've been dreaming of...or so they thought. John Popper guest stars.Guests: John Popper

  • The guys show up to a kids' party in Long Island and learn it's been double-booked. No problem, except for the fact the other band is Kidtastic! - their nemesis in the kiddie world. Joey seeks relief from those goofy bastards, Paulie seeks relief from a persistent rash, and David seeks relief from a persistent female admirer - Kitty Braunstein. In the end, all 3 of them get their "heads" examined. Members of The Whitest Kids U'Know guest star.Guests: Members of The Whitest Kids 'U Know

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