Watch S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic


Roach has been living on the streets since age 14 as a street kid, hes rebellious, loud and defiant. As part of "S.P.I.T.", Roach has been given a camera to document his world. The footage he gets is urgent, because theres a war against squeegee kids. The RoachCam is positioned behind enemy lines: living in derelict buildings, squeegeeing for money, being hunted by police. The viewer is forced to look at the living reality of Roach and his friends: Hungry on the streets in one of the worlds most prosperous countries, classified as thugs, criminals, and enemies. These kids refuse to obey, assimilate, and conform to societys values - their beliefs and realities are scarred into their flesh in the form of piercings, tattoos, track marks, bruised veins, rotting teeth, gangrene, scurvy... This is a collaborative film that seizes Punks "do-it-yourself" ethos. Local punkers Deadly Pale, Locos and others contributed guttural emotion to the soundtrack. Artist Rick Trembles supplied an apocalyptic animation sequence from Roachs imagination. Youth and rebellion fuel this film.

| 1 hr 20 min
Eric "Roach" Denis
Daniel Cross
English, and French subtitles
S.P.I.T.: Squeegee Punks in Traffic
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