American Teen

"Remember high school? It's gotten worse."

American Teen is a documentary that aired in 2008 that was a look into teenagers various cliques. This documentary film was directed by Nanette Burstien. Nanette reviewed ten different schools and then nailed the location down to just one high school in Warsaw, Indiana. The film is centered around five main characters. Hannah is the classic example of a rebel. She is an artist, musician, writer and aspires to be a filmmaker one day. Her views are not a good fit for the her small hometown. She wishes to leave Warsaw after graduation. It is shown early that year she had a serious breakup with her long-time boyfriend. It is known that she skips several weeks of school to mend her broken heart from the breakup. She then goes on to date Mitch but that relationship later ends because of the friction caused by his particular clique. Her breaks up with her via a text message.

Colin is a jock. Colin is a likeable guy, humorous student his main focus during the year is sports. As the lead basketball player for Warsaw, he sees the year is an opportunity to impress scouts and obtain a scholarship. He hopes to get a scholarship, otherwise if he doesn't he might have to enlist in the military, something his father constantly nags him about endlessly throughout the film.

Megan is a "princess". Megan is a well known student in various ways. She is talented, popular, and is invested in many extracurricular activities. Her vision is to get into the University of Notre Dame, something that various family members have done before her. Megan is destructive in every sense of the word. It is mentioned that after graduation she goes on to attend the University.

Mitch is a sweetheart. Is Colin's teammate and is easygoing and super charming. He is really an extension to Colin's character.

Jake is a dweeb. Is a hardcore gamer and extreme introvert.

| 2008 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.5/10
Nanette Burstein
American Teen

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