Another Gay Movie

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Another Gay Movie is a gay romantic comedy film released in 2006. Directed by Todd Stephens, it revolves around gay friends named Andy, Jarod, Nico, and Griff as they try to have sex for the first time before their friend's Labor Day party at the end of the summer. All four friends ruin every attempt they have to lose their virginity, but they are successful the night of the party. Andy Wilson is portrayed by Michael Carbonaro, Jarod is portrayed by Hunter Jonathan Chase, Griff is portrayed by Mitch Morris, and Nico is portrayed by Jonah Blechman.

The plot of Another Gay Movie revolves around four friends who have just graduated from high school. The first of the friends is Andy, who is the most socially awkward out of the four. Then there is Jarod, a handsome yet insecure jock. The third is Griff, a well-dressed man who is in love with his best friend but has to keep it a secret. The last of the friends is Nico, who is very outgoing and the most flamboyant of the four.

The story is set in motion when the four decide to make a pact to lose their virginity. They all go about their mission in different ways, which leads to a wide array of results. Nico tries to get an online date by the name of Ryder, but Ryder turns out to be a friend's grandfather. Andy tries but fails to lose his virginity by going after his crush, his math teacher Mr. Puckov. Jarod tries to get with a rival baseball player, but ends up wanting to pursue Griff instead. Griff, however, is trying to earn the love of a man named Angel, but chooses Jarod in the end. The humor in the movie comes from the boys attempts at romance and how badly they backfire. Once they change their attitudes to romance in general, then their plots to be romantic start to work.

The movie saw good reviews for its humor and satire on other movies. Reviews also praised the actors of the four main characters and the characters themselves for not portraying the usual gay stereotypes. Another Gay Movie was considered a success at the box office. With a 500,000 dollar budget, it grossed almost 750,000 dollars. The film was successful enough to see a sequel get released. Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!, where the friends reunite as college students, was released in 2008.

Not Rated
| 2006 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.9/10 | 37/100
Michael Carbonaro, Jonah Blechman, Jonathan Chase, Mitch Morris
Todd Stephens
Produced By
Todd Stephens, Jesse Adams, Karen Jaroneski
Another Gay Movie
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Also starring Jonah Blechman