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"Two against a thousand blood-crazed Apache savages ...trapped under a flaming sky of HATE!"
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  • 1957
  • 1 hr 17 min
  • 5.3  (165)

Copper Sky is a 1957 western movie directed by Charles Marquis Warren and starring Jeff Morrow, Coleen Gray, and Strother Martin. The story unfolds in a remote town called Copper Sky, where people gather to trade, rest, and work. The peaceful life of the residents is suddenly interrupted when a group of men, led by a notorious outlaw named Lane Waldron (Morrow), arrives in town. Waldron is in search of fortune and revenge, and he is ready to use any means necessary to get what he wants.

The movie opens with a panoramic shot of the vast Arizona desert and the mountains that surround Copper Sky. It sets the tone for the wild and rugged landscape that will serve as a backdrop for the story. The camera then zooms in on the town center, where a group of people is gathered to welcome a stagecoach that is about to arrive. Among the crowd are a couple of men, Matt Jessup (Thomas Mitchell) and Jumbo (George Wallace), who run the local saloon. They are eager to welcome new customers and maybe make a little extra money. However, their plans are foiled when the stagecoach is attacked by Waldron and his men, who kill the driver and steal the gold that was being transported.

The situation quickly deteriorates as the townspeople realize that Waldron and his gang are planning to stay in Copper Sky for a while. Some try to stand up to them, like the shy and reserved Sheriff Parker (Martin), who is no match for the ruthless Waldron. Others, like the beautiful and independent Maura (Gray), try to avoid trouble and focus on their own lives. Maura is a young widow who lives with her son in a small cabin outside the town. She is respected and admired by the locals, but she has a secret that makes her vulnerable to Waldron.

As the days go by, tensions rise in Copper Sky, and it becomes clear that there will be a showdown between the townspeople and Waldron's gang. The plot thickens when a stranger named Brett Wade (Morrow, in a dual role) arrives in town. Wade looks exactly like Waldron, but he is a good-hearted man who is trying to make amends for his past mistakes. He is immediately drawn to Maura and becomes her ally in the fight against Waldron.

Copper Sky is not your typical western movie. It is a slow-paced and character-driven story that focuses on the psychological and emotional struggles of its protagonists. The acting is top-notch, especially from Coleen Gray, who delivers a nuanced and powerful performance as Maura. Jeff Morrow also shines in his dual role, bringing depth and complexity to his characters. The supporting cast, including Strother Martin, Thomas Mitchell, and George Wallace, adds to the authenticity of the movie, creating a sense of community among the townspeople.

One of the highlights of the movie is its cinematography. The Arizona landscape is beautifully captured, with its sweeping vistas and rugged terrains. The camera work is precise and deliberate, with many close-ups and medium shots that highlight the characters' emotions and reactions. The use of light and shadow is also remarkable, creating a moody and atmospheric look that adds to the tension and drama of the story.

Overall, Copper Sky is a hidden gem of a movie that deserves more recognition. It is a poignant and powerful story about the human spirit and its struggle against evil and adversity. It is not a flashy or action-packed movie, but it is a rich and rewarding experience that will stay with you long after it's over.

Copper Sky
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