"In by ten, dead by midnight"
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This is a short action thriller film about a chronically depressed man Richie that is determined to take his life. One the day he decided to end his life, out of the blue he gets a call from a sister he hasn't talked to in decades. Richie's sister Maggie, is calling to ask her brother to care for her daughter Sophia for one night. Richie, feeling needed by his sister, decides to cancel his plans that will end his life. What follows next is a study of difficult family relationships and how some process those issues, and get stronger or weaker.

2012 | 19 min | 3.7/10
Kyle Richards, Wendell Wellman, John Putch, Frank Miller
Shawn Christensen
Produced By
Damon Russell, Mara Kassin, Andrew Napier
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