Demon Inside

"Agoraphobic woman is trapped in her apartment by her own demons."

Marta used to be a recognized and successful psychic, but after a dramatic experience, she loses faith in her gift and develops agoraphobia. She couldn't see the devilish side of her rapper, Mario, and now, Marta is afraid that Mario will stalk her again. As soon as she released from the asylum, she moves to Monica's uncle apartment. There, she feels safe. But soon, she has trouble with her crazy neighbors. And if this wasn't enough, a spectrum starts to haunt her, making her life impossible. Marta will have to fight against all these difficulties and manage to get her gift back before Mario finds her.

2013 | 1 hr 33 min | 4.8/10
Paz Vega, Johanna Murillo, Alfonso Herrera, Maya Zapata
Alfonso Pineda Ulloa
Demon Inside
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Also directed by Alfonso Pineda Ulloa

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