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  • 1979
  • 7.3  (147)

El Super is a 1979 Cuban-American film directed by Leon Ichaso and Orlando Jimenez Leal. The film revolves around the life of a Cuban immigrant, Mariano, who lives in New York City and works as a superintendent in a tenement building, hence the name "El Super." The film depicts the struggles and daily life of Mariano and his family as they try to navigate the challenges of living in the city while trying to make ends meet.

Mariano is portrayed by Raimundo Hidalgo-Gato, who delivers a convincing performance as a man who is trying to keep his family together. His wife, played by Zully Montero, is a strict and conservative woman who worries about Mariano's drinking and the effect it may have on their family's reputation. Despite their differences, Montero and Hidalgo-Gato have great chemistry on screen and their performances are one of the highlights of the film.

One of the standout features of the movie is the way it captures the tension and humor of everyday life in a multicultural community. Ichaso and Leal use humor and satire to highlight the prejudices and stereotypes of different ethnic groups living in a crowded tenement building. The scenes involving the Puerto Rican family living next door to Mariano's family are especially funny and poignant.

The film also explores social issues such as racial discrimination, poverty, and immigrant experiences. Mariano's boss, an American landlord, is portrayed as a money-hungry, unscrupulous man who takes advantage of the tenants and treats them unfairly. Mariano, who is often caught in the middle of disputes between the landlord and the tenants, tries to maintain his integrity and do what is right for his family.

Another noteworthy aspect of the film is the way it incorporates music to convey the emotions and cultural identity of the characters. The soundtrack includes a mix of Latin, jazz, and pop songs that reflect the diverse musical tastes and backgrounds of the characters.

Overall, El Super is a touching and humorous portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of a working-class immigrant family in New York City. The film stands out for its nuanced characters, colorful cinematography, and vibrant music. The film's themes of family, community, and cultural identity are still relevant today, making it a timeless classic that is sure to resonate with audiences.

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    El Sper is a 1979 Spanish-language comedy/drama film directed by Leon Ichaso and Orlando Jimnez Leal, based on a stage play by Ivn Acosta. The film is a look at life in the U.S. from the perspective of frustrated Cuban exiles. [edit] Plot summary Robert
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    7.3  (147)