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Flying Fists is an energetic and action-packed action movie released in 1937. The film follows the story of boxer Tim Burke, played by Bruce Bennett, as he tries to make a name for himself in the boxing world. He travels to New York City to train for his big break in the ring, but when he arrives, he discovers that his trainer is a crook and the competition is fierce.

Despite the odds against him, Tim is determined to succeed and prove himself as a boxer. He has a natural talent for the sport, but he lacks the experience and discipline needed to become a champion. Through hard work and dedication, he slowly improves, catching the eye of a beautiful woman named Julia, played by Jeanne Martel, who becomes Tim's love interest in the film.

The movie is not just about Tim's boxing career, but also about the relationships he forms along the way. Tim befriends a bumbling reporter named Fuzzy, played by Fuzzy Knight, who becomes his loyal sidekick and provides some comic relief throughout the film. Together, Tim and Fuzzy navigate the ups and downs of the boxing world, facing challenges and setbacks, but never giving up on their dreams.

As Tim progresses in his boxing career, he must confront his own demons and overcome his doubts and fears. He also faces tough opponents in the ring, including a ruthless fighter named Jack Rogers, played by Jack La Rue. The fight scenes in the film are intense and well choreographed, with Tim and Jack exchanging powerful blows and fighting tooth and nail for the championship title.

Aside from the boxing matches, the film has a number of memorable scenes and moments. There's a scene where Tim and Fuzzy sneak into a fancy nightclub, where Tim meets Julia for the first time. There's also a scene where Tim and Julia go on a romantic date to a carnival, where they ride a rollercoaster and play carnival games. These scenes add depth and dimension to the film, showing the characters' personalities and building their relationships.

The film also touches on themes of friendship, loyalty, and perseverance. Tim and Fuzzy's friendship is a central part of the story, and their bond is tested throughout the film. They support each other through thick and thin, and their banter and humor provide some of the film's most entertaining moments. Tim's perseverance is also inspiring, as he never gives up on his dreams, even when the odds are against him.

Overall, Flying Fists is an enjoyable and well-made film that combines action, romance, and humor. The acting is solid, with Bruce Bennett delivering a strong performance as the determined and likable Tim. The fight scenes are exciting and well executed, and the film's themes of friendship and perseverance are timeless and universal. It's a great choice for fans of classic boxing movies and old-school Hollywood entertainment.

Flying Fists
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