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  • NR
  • 1972
  • 1 hr 14 min
  • 4.6  (143)

Gidget Gets Married is a romantic comedy film that was released in 1972. It is the third film in the Gidget series and follows the adventures of Frances "Gidget" Lawrence, a young woman who always seems to find herself in the midst of romantic turmoil. In this installment, Gidget (played by Monie Ellis) has graduated college and is ready to marry her longtime sweetheart, Jeff Stevens (Michael Burns). The only problem is that Jeff is more interested in pursuing his career as a rock star than settling down and tying the knot. Despite Jeff's reluctance to commit, Gidget is determined to make their relationship work.

Meanwhile, Gidget's parents (played by Don Porter and Lynette Winter) are struggling with their own marital problems. Gidget's mother is considering leaving her father for another man, which causes tension in the family.

As Gidget navigates the ups and downs of her relationship with Jeff, she also tries to help her parents repair their marriage. Along the way, she learns valuable life lessons about love, commitment, and the importance of communication.

The film is filled with lighthearted humor and charming performances from its cast. Ellis shines in the role of Gidget, capturing both her bubbly personality and her deeper struggles with maturity and responsibility. Burns is equally charismatic as Jeff, bringing a rock-star coolness to his character. Ameche delivers a solid performance as Gidget's father, bringing depth and nuance to a character who could have easily been a one-dimensional stereotype.

Overall, Gidget Gets Married is a fun and entertaining film that will appeal to fans of romantic comedies and coming-of-age stories. It offers a nostalgic look back at the 1960s and 70s, while still being relevant and relatable to modern audiences. Whether you're a long-time fan of the Gidget series or a newcomer to the franchise, this film is sure to delight and entertain.

Gidget Gets Married
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    4.6  (143)