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  • 2006
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.1  (2,010)

Jean-Philippe is a French comedy film that was released in 2006. The film stars Fabrice Luchini, Johnny Hallyday, and Guilaine Londez. The movie is directed by Laurent Tuel and written by Fabrice Roger-Lacan and Laurent Tuel. The movie follows the story of a middle-aged man named Jean-Philippe (Fabrice Luchini), who is a lifelong fan of the French rock star Johnny Hallyday. Jean-Philippe is a nerdy accountant who is unhappy with his life and feels like he has never accomplished anything significant. One day, while at his desk, he discovers that his childhood hero, Johnny Hallyday, has retired from the music industry.

Devastated by the news, Jean-Philippe decides to embark on a journey to find Johnny Hallyday and bring him back to the stage. He discovers that the rock star is now a wealthy businessman and has no interest in returning to music. Jean-Philippe then comes up with a plan to convince Johnny that he is a long-lost friend from his past and that he should return to music for one final show.

The movie is a hilarious comedy that is full of heart and charm. Fabrice Luchini delivers a fantastic performance as Jean-Philippe, bringing to life a character that is both relatable and endearing. His obsession with Johnny Hallyday is both funny and touching, and the journey he takes to convince the rock star to return to music is both entertaining and heartwarming.

Johnny Hallyday also delivers a great performance in the film, portraying a fictionalized version of himself. He plays the role of a wealthy businessman who is content with his life, but at the same time, he is hesitant to abandon his past as a rock star. His interactions with Jean-Philippe are hilarious, and their on-screen chemistry is fantastic.

Guilaine Londez also makes an appearance in the film, playing the role of Jean-Philippe's wife. She is a supportive spouse who is both loving and understanding of her husband's obsession with Johnny Hallyday. Her performance is understated, but it adds to the overall charm of the film.

The movie is also visually stunning, with beautiful cinematography that captures the French countryside and the glamour of Paris. The film's soundtrack is also fantastic, featuring music from Johnny Hallyday and other iconic French artists.

Overall, Jean-Philippe is an excellent film that is both funny and heartwarming. The performances are fantastic, the storyline is entertaining, and the cinematography is beautiful. It is a must-watch for anyone who loves French cinema or is a fan of Johnny Hallyday.

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    6.1  (2,010)