Nuits Rouges

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The Man Without a Face is known throughout the world as a vicious killer and a master of disguise. One day, this ruthless criminal was posing as a female store owner when the butler of the famous Maxine de Borrego enters the store. The butler starts to tell the killer a story that indicates that Maxine knows where the Knights Templar treasure is located. The Man Without a Face tortures Maxine to death, but she does not disclose the treasure location.

Maxine's nephew is a brave sailor who returns from the sea to find his aunt murdered. He makes it his ambition to capture the Man Without a Face and bring him to justice, but the task will not be easy.

| 1974 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.2/10
Gayle Hunnicutt, Jacques Champreux, Josephine Chaplin, Ugo Pagliai
Georges Franju
Produced By
Raymond Froment
Nuits Rouges
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