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  • 1931
  • 1 hr 12 min
  • 6.0  (985)

Parlor, Bedroom, and Bath is a delightful comedy film released in 1931. Starring the legendary Buster Keaton, Charlotte Greenwood, and Reginald Denny, this light-hearted romp takes viewers on a hilarious journey through misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and comedic mishaps. The story revolves around Reginald Irving, played by Reginald Denny, a wealthy man who finds himself entangled in a hilarious love triangle. With his marriage in shambles, Reginald decides to take a vacation to clear his mind and get away from it all. Little does he know that his troubles are just beginning.

Upon arriving at a luxurious resort, Reginald is assigned a room adjacent to a lavish suite occupied by a married couple, played by Buster Keaton and Charlotte Greenwood. The walls between the rooms are thin, leading to a series of uproarious incidents as the characters' lives become intertwined.

Buster Keaton, renowned for his physical comedy and deadpan expressions, delivers a standout performance as Jack, the husband of the couple next door. Jack is a bumbling character who often finds himself in awkward situations, causing chaos and hilarity wherever he goes. Keaton's impeccable comedic timing and expressive face bring out the absurdity of the situations, leaving audiences in stitches.

Charlotte Greenwood, on the other hand, portrays the eccentric and high-strung wife of Jack. Her character, Myrtle, is full of energy, constantly scheming and plotting. Greenwood's dynamic performance adds zest and charm to the film, making her an excellent foil to Keaton's deadpan humor.

As the story unfolds, Reginald becomes entangled in a web of mistaken identities and hilarious misunderstandings. He finds himself being pursued by a ditzy blonde, played by Sally Eilers, who mistakes him for a famous French pooper scooper. This leads to a series of comedic escapades and outrageous situations as Reginald tries to maintain his composure while dodging the persistent advances of the blonde.

Meanwhile, Myrtle sees an opportunity to create even more chaos and sets out to sabotage several romantic relationships, including her own. Her mischievous plans and wild antics generate side-splitting moments, providing a perfect counterbalance to Reginald's attempts at maintaining order.

Director Edward Sedgwick masterfully crafts a fast-paced and entertaining film, packed with slapstick comedy, witty dialogue, and visual gags. The cleverly designed set, which includes sliding doors, secret passageways, and hidden compartments, further enhances the comedic elements by creating a maze of confusion and adding an extra layer of amusement.

Parlor, Bedroom, and Bath showcases Buster Keaton's talent for physical comedy, with several memorable scenes that demonstrate his acrobatic prowess and ability to elicit laughter through visual gags. From slipping and sliding on slippery floors to getting caught in compromising situations, Keaton's comedic genius shines brightly throughout the film.

The chemistry between the three main actors, Keaton, Greenwood, and Denny, is palpable, resulting in a seamless and delightful ensemble performance. Each actor has their moments to shine and contributes to the overall comedic energy of the film.

In conclusion, Parlor, Bedroom, and Bath is a timeless comedy that showcases the talents of Buster Keaton, Charlotte Greenwood, and Reginald Denny. Filled with laughter, ridiculous situations, and impeccable comedic timing, this film is a joy to watch for fans of classic comedy and a testament to the enduring appeal of the golden age of Hollywood.

Parlor Bedroom and Bath is a 1931 comedy with a runtime of 1 hour and 12 minutes. It has received moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.0.

Parlor Bedroom and Bath
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    6.0  (985)