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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 30 min

Bobby, Jack and Alex meet under unusual circumstances for the first time while riding their dirt-bikes on rough roads. These guys were all on holidays and were each trying to catch some fun and relax a little. They rode all the way towards the deep gorges in the faraway area of Mojave which is located towards the south of the famous Palm Springs. These guys were not aware of the fact that this section of the desert they were on is a path used by illegal immigrants smuggling themselves to the United States.

These guys out of ignorance therefore find themselves in this dangerous area, riding their bikes along the unending maze of canyons. Far away from home on their adventurous rides, things take a different page for them when they accidentally come across the corpse of an illegal immigrant. From all indications, the immigrant had been killed by a gun shot.

The guys become scared and worse of all devastated as they could not do anything to help the victim who was already dead. They rode off but shortly after, they came across the murderers. These murderers are a group of indigenes of the area who find pleasure in killing the illegal immigrants as they make their way through the desert. Unfortunately for Alex, Bobby and Jack they fall prey to the murderers who capture them and take them hostage. The three guys find themselves in a life and death situation with no one to rescue them and no idea of how to make an escape.

The film was written by the joint efforts of Isma Rubio and Carlos Calavia. It was directed by Isma Rubio and produced by Goma Films and music was provided by Nacho Vera. It was edited by Juan Rubio.

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    1 hr 30 min
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