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"SALAD DAYS, noun: a time of youthful indiscretion and delinquency."
  • NR
  • 2002
  • 29 min

Salad Days is a snow sport film released in 2002 by Teton Gravity Research. The film is an exhilarating ride through the snowy mountains showcasing some of the most incredible skiing and snowboarding. The title Salad Days is a phrase that often refers to youth or a time of inexperience, but in this context, it could be interpreted as the young skiers and snowboarders in their prime.

The movie opens with a mesmerizing introduction showcasing breathtaking drone shots of snow-covered peaks, followed by a montage of riders tackling steep icy slopes and performing incredible stunts. The film features some big names in the snow sport community, including Mark Abma, Phil Belanger, Marc-Andre Bellieveau, and Rachel Belliveau.

The film takes us on a journey across various locations, including Targhee, Utah, and Powder Highway in Canada, where each rider's unique style is on full display as they maneuver through the challenging terrains. The crew is relentless in their pursuit to explore different regions, experiencing new challenges, and pushing themselves to the limit.

One of the highlights of Salad Days is the amazing shots of deep powder snow. Watching the athletes glide effortlessly down the mountainside, leaving a trail of snow flying behind them, is a sight to behold. The cinematography is flawless, and the attention to detail is evident in every shot. With lower-quality digital cameras used back in 2002, the visuals may not be as crisp as modern films, but they still make up for that with their inherent charm.

Watching these extreme athletes defy gravity and pull off some of the most incredible tricks imaginable is awe-inspiring. Whether it's navigating through the trees, jumping off cliffs, or simply hurtling down the mountain, the riders' expert technique is on full display throughout the movie. The film is also peppered with moments of humor that provide a nice break from the action, showcasing the riders' lighter side and camaraderie towards each other.

The film is accompanied by an eclectic mix of music, perfectly synced to the on-screen action, which features a blend of hip-hop, rock, and electronic beats providing an adrenaline-fueled soundtrack that drives the action.

Despite Salad Days being almost two decades old, it holds up well and offers a fresh look at the early years of snowboarding and skiing. This film inspired the snow sport community and marked the start of a new era of filmmaking in the snow sports genre. It's a classic that highlights the rawness and thrill of snow sport, and fans will undoubtedly be entertained by its fantastic visuals, music, and talented riders.

In conclusion, Salad Days is an epic journey that showcases some of the most incredible skiing and snowboarding ever captured on film. The cinematography is breathtaking, the riders' performances are amazing, and the music is just as exhilarating as the action. This classic film is a testament to the power of human performance, and it's a must-watch for anyone who loves extreme sports, adventure, and beautiful landscapes.

Salad Days - Teton Gravity Research is a 2002 documentary with a runtime of 29 minutes.

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