San Ferry Ann

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  • 1966
  • 55 min
  • 5.5  (134)

San Ferry Ann is a classic British comedy film released in 1965 and directed by Jeremy Summers. The movie is set in the fictional island of San Ferry Ann, where the majority of locals are unemployed and facing poverty. To boost the island's economy, the government decides to build a new ferry service that will connect the island to the mainland, and tourists will flock to San Ferry Ann. The locals are thrilled, but they soon realize that they have no idea how to run a ferry service. To solve this problem, they hire a group of eccentric and inexperienced individuals to initiate and manage the ferry service.

The movie revolves around the comedic misadventures of these ferry service employees, including Wilfrid Brambell as Captain Le Pice, David Lodge as first mate Murphy, and Ron Moody as ship's engineer Hector. Their initial attempts to operate the ferry service are met with a series of humorous mishaps and failures. However, despite the obstacles, the team manages to keep the operation afloat, and things start to look up for the island community.

As the ferry service gains more popularity, the island's residents start to notice significant changes. The local economy is now booming, and people have jobs, and there is a newfound enthusiasm in the community. Despite the success, the team faces new challenges, including the formidable competition that emerges from a rival ferry service owner, who will stop at nothing to put the San Ferry Ann service out of business.

The movie's story and humor are delightful, making it an enjoyable watch for moviegoers of all ages. The characters are quirky and endearing, and their unique personalities shine through in the film's humorous situations. From Hector's obsession with fixing the ferry engine to Captain Le Pice's antics while trying to navigate the troubled ferry, there are many hilarious moments that will keep viewers engaged and amused.

The film's comedic tone is enhanced by the beautiful scenery that captures the essence of the idyllic island. The colorful beach houses and the pristine sandy beaches add an element of visual charm, making the movie a visual treat. The island's beauty is a stark contrast to the struggling community, adding an emotional depth to the movie.

The movie's score by Philip Green is also noteworthy, adding a touch of whimsy to the film's humorous situations. Its catchy tunes will keep the audience entertained and lighten the mood, making San Ferry Ann a fun and enjoyable film from beginning to end.

Overall, San Ferry Ann is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an entertaining and light-hearted comedy movie. Although the film is over half-a-century old, it has aged well, and its humor remains as fresh and funny as ever. The performances by the cast, particularly Wilfrid Brambell, Ron Moody, and David Lodge, are exceptional and add to the film's charm. With its beautiful scenery, lively music, and comedic capers, San Ferry Ann is a must-watch movie that will keep you laughing, right until the very end.

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    55 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    5.5  (134)