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  • PG-13
  • 2002
  • 1 hr 22 min
  • 5.0  (5,809)
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Slap Her She's French is a 2002 comedy film about a small-town Texas girl named Starla Grady, played by Piper Perabo, who becomes a host to a foreign exchange student from France named Genevieve LePlouff, played by Jane McGregor. Starla invites Genevieve to stay with her and her family to show off her generosity to the community and earn a scholarship for the college of her dreams.

At first, Genevieve's cultured French accent and sophisticated style alienate Starla's friends and family. But soon Genevieve's charm and beauty win them over, and even Starla's crush, high school football star and steroid user, Kyle Fuller, played by Trent Ford is smitten. Starla's jealousy builds as Genevieve's popularity grows, and she becomes increasingly convinced that the French girl is trying to steal her life, her friends, and her boyfriend.

The conflict between Starla and Genevieve intensifies when Starla discovers that Genevieve has entered a beauty contest, the Miss Bluebonnet Beauty Pageant. Starla, who has won the contest for three consecutive years, sees Genevieve's success as a personal threat, and decides to sabotage her chances of winning by spreading rumors and planting fake evidence of a crime Genevieve didn't commit.

As the story progresses, the rivalry between Starla and Genevieve reaches a boiling point, and Starla must face the consequences of her actions when her lies and manipulations lead to a public humiliation that affects her family, friendships, and future prospects.

The movie's humor revolves around cultural differences and stereotypes, as Genevieve's Frenchness clashes with Starla's Southern values and ignorance. Piper Perabo delivers a comedic performance as the naive and stubborn Starla, while Jane McGregor brings sophistication and wit to her portrayal of Genevieve. Michael McKean plays the role of the pageant organizer, who adds to the satire and absurdity of the events leading to the finale.

The film has been criticized for perpetuating negative stereotypes and cliches about both Texas and France, as well as for its insensitive portrayal of bullying and xenophobia. Nevertheless, Slap Her She's French has gained a cult following for its memorable one-liners and light-hearted approach to teenage angst and identity crises. The movie's soundtrack includes songs by popular bands of the early 2000s such as No Doubt and The White Stripes, contributing to the film's nostalgic appeal.

Overall, Slap Her She's French is a visually colorful, fast-paced comedy that offers a mix of satire, romance, and teenage drama. It may not be a groundbreaking or profound movie, but it provides a fun and entertaining experience that appeals to those who enjoy lighthearted comedies with a touch of coming-of-age themes.

Slap Her She's French
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