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  • 2015
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.2  (1,576)

Swept Under is a thrilling drama that was released in 2015. The movie stars Devin Kelley, Aaron Ashmore, and Stephen Bogaert in pivotal roles. The film is a Canadian production and was directed by Michel Poulette. The story of the movie revolves around Morgan Sher, who is a newly hired cleaner for a high-end vacation rental company.

Morgan Sher (played by Devin Kelley) is introduced in the film as a hard-working single mother who has recently been hired by a vacation rental company. Her job is to clean up the luxury living spaces and make them ready for the next batch of clients. Morgan is thrilled about her new job and is determined to work hard and make a good living for herself and her son.

However, things take a mysterious turn when Morgan discovers a dead body in one of the rented villas. She quickly realizes that the victim is none other than the owner of the rental company who had hired her. Morgan is shocked and scared, and the situation becomes even more complicated when she is accused of the murder.

As the story progresses, Morgan finds herself being swept under a web of deceit and lies. With the help of her ex-husband, Drew (played by Aaron Ashmore), she sets out to clear her name and uncover the truth behind the murder. The two must navigate through a maze of suspicious characters, including the company's shady business partner (played by Stephen Bogaert), to find the real killer.

The movie is set against the backdrop of a beautiful coastal town, and the scenic location adds to the film's overall charm. The tension and suspense build up as the story progresses, and the audience is kept on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. The performances by the cast are commendable, and each actor brings depth and emotion to their respective characters.

Devin Kelley gives a stellar performance as Morgan Sher. Her portrayal of a hardworking single mother who is falsely accused of a crime is both convincing and sympathetic. Aaron Ashmore provides excellent support as Drew, who is still in love with Morgan and helps her out despite their differences. Stephen Bogaert is brilliant as the shady business partner who adds an element of menace to the film.

The movie's screenplay is well-written, and the story moves at a brisk pace. The director, Michel Poulette, does an excellent job of keeping the audience engaged and invested in the story. The cinematography is impressive, and the movie's gorgeous visuals make it a visual treat for the viewers.

Overall, Swept Under is a gripping thriller that offers a fresh take on the genre. With a solid script, excellent performances, and stunning visuals, the movie is a must-watch for fans of the mystery and suspense genre. It's a perfect watch for anyone who loves to unravel twisted plots and uncover hidden truths.

Swept Under
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    1 hr 30 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.2  (1,576)