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"Every rose has its thorns."
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Teeth is a horror-comedy by Mitchell Lichtenstein. Dawn O’Keefe is a spokesperson for the abstinence group "The Promise." She goes to meetings with her friends Alisha and Phil. After a speech about the group's purity rings, Dawn meets the attractive Tobey. Dawn fantasizes about marrying Tobey, but they agree that they can't be together. However, they soon give in, meeting at a local swimming hole. Eventually, they head to a cave for warmth and start kissing. Dawn becomes uncomfortable, trying to convince Tobey to go back. He then starts sexually assaulting Dawn, who pushes him away in a panic. Tobey becomes angry and shakes Dawn, smacking her head to the ground. With Dawn dazed, Tobey begins assaulting her. Dawn fights back, inadvertently severing his penis with her vagina. Horrified, Dawn flees. After a Promise meeting, Dawn meets classmate Ryan at a dance.

Dawn discards her ring and heads back to the swimming hole, shrieking upon seeing a crab crawling on Tobey's penis. Later, she researches "vagina dentata", and realizes she might possess it. Dawn visits a gynecologist in an attempt to discover what is going on with her. During the examination, she panics and bites off all the fingers of the doctor's right hand. Riding homeward, she sees a cop driving Tobey's car, where he demands that she pull over. After stopping, she decides to revisit the pool to search, finding police bringing up Tobey's corpse. Back at home, Dawn's mother collapses. Dawn's stepbrother Brad, as well as his girlfriend Melanie, hear this during sex but ignore it. Eventually, Kim is taken to a hospital.

Dawn seeks Ryan out with the two painlessly having sex. Again in the morning, but a friend calls Ryan in mid-coitus. When boasting about his bet about scoring with her, angered Dawn's vagina slices off Ryan's penis. Dawn learns Kim died, causing her stepfather Bill to throw Brad out, Brad dog attacks. Dawn, finding Bill and Melanie while at the hospital, returns home for revenge. She plans to seduce Brad but during this act, Brad recalls being bitten by Dawn as kids, but not with her mouth. Dawn’s vagina bites off his manhood with this realization.

Dawn leaves home on bike, but winds up hitchhiking. An old man picks her up, but she falls asleep. She wakes after nightfall, but he locks all the doors. He licks his lips suggestively; Dawn initially hesitates, but then looks toward the camera (and the driver) seductively.

| 2007 | 1 hr 34 min | 5.4/10 | 57/100
Jess Weixler, John Hensley, Josh Pais, Hale Appleman
Mitchell Lichtenstein
Produced By
Mitchell Lichtenstein,Joyce Pierpoline

Also directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein

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