The Burning Times

The Burning Times is a documentary surrounding the days of witches and the hunt for witches. It explores the accusations against the many women they were burned at the stake for supposedly practicing witchcraft. This film investigates what really occurred during the witchcraft hunts and trials that took place. The documentary showcases the number of women that were killed during a span of approximately three centuries. Millions of women were killed in what came to be known as the "Women's Holocaust." Many of the women or victims of the witch hunt were said to have been pagans and participated in devil-worshiping cults.

1990 | 56 min | 7.7/10
Martha Henry, Barbara Pecarich, Starhawk
Erna Buffie
Donna Read
Produced By
Mary Armstrong, Margaret Pettigrew, Studio D, National Film Board of Canada
The Burning Times
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Also directed by Donna Read (II)

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