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"Believe in the power of another"

The Crow: City of Angels is an action story that follows Ashe, a mechanic whose 8 year old son Danny and him were killed by a drug king named Judah. Judah had them murdered after Danny and Ashe witnessed Judah’s gang of thugs kill another drug dealer. Sarah's a young lady who works in a tattoo parlor that's still haunted by the memories of her friend Eric who was killed and came back from the dead with the help of a Crow to seek revenge on his murderers. Even though Sarah doesn’t know the boy and his father, she’s been having dreams about them.

On All Saints’ Day Sarah is visited by a crow as she is looking at the ring Eric gave her years ago. She then follows the crow to the harbor that night to find Ashe frantically escaping from his watery grave. Sarah confronts him and takes Ashe back to her apartment. That’s when Sarah explains to Ashe what is going on. He starts screaming and just starts running through the town, ending up at his home where he relives his and his son’s tragic final moments.

Sarah follows the man so that she can finish explaining why he has come back. With the crow guiding Ashe’s way, he sets out to start killing off Judah’s henchmen. Judah then employs a prophetess who discovers the connection between Ashe, Sarah and the crow.

Judah takes Sarah captive to lure Ashe to him so he can try and steal his power. Judah then drinks the blood of the crow, taking Ashe’s powers away, leaving him having to fight to save Sarah. In the midst of an all out fight, Sarah gets stabbed in the stomach killing her, Judah after being impaled with a metal pipe dies, and Ashe returns back to the death, knowing he can now rest in peace.

| 1996 | 1 hr 24 min | 4.7/10
Vincent Perez, Mia Kirshner, Richard Brooks, Iggy Pop
Tim Pope
Produced By
Jeff Most, Edward R. Pressman

Also directed by Tim Pope

Also starring Mia Kirshner

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"The Crow: City of Angels" (1996) Theatrical Trailer|1:06

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