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  • 1949
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The Huggett family, consisting of father Joe, mother Ethel, eldest daughter Joan, son Harry and youngest daughter Pet, are off on their next adventure in The Huggetts Abroad. The 1949 film opens with the family packing up their modest home in suburban England and making the journey to the coast for a much-needed holiday. This year, they've decided to venture across the English Channel to France, which is particularly exciting for the children who are eager to explore and have new experiences.

As they journey on a ferry across the channel, various hijinks ensue. Joan (played by Dinah Sheridan) catches the eye of a smitten soldier, while Harry (played by David Tomlinson) falls in with a group of boisterous Australian servicemen. The Huggetts are then separated, much to Ethel's (played by Kathleen Harrison) distress, potentially leaving them stranded in a foreign country. The usually reserved and down-to-earth Joe (Jack Warner) must step up and work out a plan to reunite his scattered family.

The rest of the movie follows the Huggetts as they navigate the unfamiliar landscape and foreign customs of France. They stay in a small guesthouse owned by the kindly Madame Evremonde (played by Gabrielle Blunt) who takes a liking to Pet (played by Petula Clark). Harry, meanwhile, becomes involved with a young French woman, though it seems their relationship is not destined to last. Throughout their adventures, the family manages to face all their difficulties with resourcefulness, humor, and a willingness to learn, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of familial bonds.

The Huggetts Abroad is a light-hearted and heartwarming movie that nostalgically captures Britain's post-war sense of optimism, as well as the allure of travel, new experiences, and cultural exchange. Directed by Ken Annakin, the film straddles the line between being a comedy and a family drama. It is full of charming characters and exciting events that keep the audience engaged from start to finish. The best aspect of the movie is the relationship between the family members; they genuinely care for each other and always stick together no matter the challenges they face.

On the technical side, the film has a lot of beautiful shots of the French landscape, and the soundtrack includes some classic songs that enhance the overall experience, such as "If Only" performed by Petula Clark. The music is engaging and complements the film's tone, and themes perfectly. The film's writing is clever, focusing on the family's internal struggle, humor, and the clashes of the new culture that they encounter. It does not feel preachy or overbearing, which avoids making the movie dry, but instead, it inspires with its light-hearted approach.

Overall, The Huggetts Abroad is a delightful family movie that certainly deserves appreciation. It is an enjoyable film that highlights how much can be accomplished with resilience, love, and a sense of humor. The family's journey through France reminds us that there is beauty in the unknown and that sometimes the most memorable moments are those that are unexpected. The movie's message is still relevant today, and the themes it portrays, such as love, happiness, and the pursuit of adventure, transcend generations. Anyone looking for a heartwarming family movie with a bit of comedy should give The Huggetts Abroad a go.

The Huggetts Abroad
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