The Life Coach

"He's there because you're a mess!"
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As every movie star in Hollywood becomes addicted to the extreme grip of fame and the lifestyle associated with it, they begin to lose control. In order to restore some order in their lives and hide from some of the sanity, they hire a life coach. The job of the life coach is to provide the celebrities with guidance, a road for which to model their life afrer. This motion picture tells the tale of Francis O'Reilly, life coach to the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. The mockumentary follows his rise and subsequent fall in terms of his status among the stars.

Not Rated
| 2005 | | 5.5/10
Ian Bagg, Greg Baker, Bernadette Birkett, Connie Britton
The Life Coach is a 2005 mockumentary directed by Josh Stolberg. It was written by Jennifer Joslyn and Stolberg's wife Leila Leigh. It is a mockumentary about the rise and fall of Hollywood's life coach to the celebrities. It stars Greg Baker a
The Life Coach
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