The Lost History of Easter Island

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  • 2018
  • 57 min

The Lost History of Easter Island is a fascinating documentary starring Brien Foerster. It explores the deep history of Easter Island and the multiple theories surrounding its mysterious past. The documentary takes the audience on an intriguing journey of discovery, where they will learn about the island's unique culture, traditions, and ancient beliefs.

The documentary starts by providing an overview of the beauty of the island and its natural resources, including its famous Moai statues, which are a symbol of the island's rich cultural heritage. However, as the documentary progresses, the audience will discover that the island's history goes much deeper than just its statues.

One of the most interesting topics explored in The Lost History of Easter Island is the possible reasons for the island's deforestation. Despite its remote location, the island had a highly developed civilization that supported a large population. But over time, the island's forests were depleted to build canoes, build houses, and supply firewood. The documentary explores whether the islanders were simply unaware of the environmental impact of their activities, or if there were other factors at play.

The Lost History of Easter Island also examines the role of religion in the island's society. The islanders were highly spiritual and believed in a range of gods and goddesses. However, as Christianity spread across the world, the islanders' beliefs were challenged. The documentary explores how the islanders adapted to the new religion and how it impacted their way of life.

Another fascinating topic explored in the documentary is the unique style of architecture that the islanders developed. The iconic stone platforms known as "ahu" were used to support the Moai statues, but they also serve as evidence of the islanders' advanced engineering skills. The documentary explores how the ahu were constructed and what purpose they served in the islanders' society.

Throughout the documentary, the audience is able to discover more about the theories and beliefs about the island's past. Some believe that the islanders were wiped out by civil war, while others think they were invaded by outsiders. Some theories even suggest that the islanders were visited by extraterrestrial beings who helped them build the Moai statues. While these theories may seem far-fetched, the documentary carefully examines each one to determine its validity.

Overall, The Lost History of Easter Island is a fascinating documentary that provides insight into the rich history of Easter Island. It is a must-see for anyone interested in ancient civilizations, religious beliefs, and engineering feats. The documentary is filled with stunning visuals and expert commentary, making it an engaging and informative watch.

The Lost History of Easter Island is a 2018 science fiction movie with a runtime of 57 minutes.

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