Woh Chokri

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Geeti Devi is a daughter-in-law of a wealthy and prominent family. She is also a widow. Geeti is attractive and young and falls for a man in the neighborhood named Lalit Ramji. They soon begin living together. Apsara is Geeta's daughter and the three live together like a family. Unfortunately, one day, Lalit leaves unexpectedly. Geeta and Aspara's lives begin to spiral downward soon after.

Not Rated
| 1994 | 2 hr 30 min | 8.0/10
Pallavi Joshi, Neena Gupta, Paresh Rawal, Om Puri
Subhankar Ghosh
Woh Chokri
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Also starring Pallavi Joshi

Also starring Neena Gupta