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NFL Replay is a sports talk show series. It airs on the station known as NFL network and provides viewers with lots of information. In the show, a host along with a number of former players sit down and discuss the latest games and news around the league. For those who are hardcore football fans, this is a show that will be quite appealing. Anyone who is looking to get a comprehensive look at the latest trends in the NFL will likely enjoy watching this show. The show began airing in the summer of 2012 and is therefore a new television series.

The format of the show is quite simple. During each show the host will introduce herself and begin discussing the top stories around the NFL. This will often include general news around the league along with the most notable injuries. After this brief introduction, viewers will then begin to get analysis of many of the upcoming games along with the previous week's games. They will also evaluate certain players, coaches and issues that some teams are facing at the time. As a result viewers will be able to get lots of detailed information about the league, the teams and the players within the show's airtime.

Anyone who is a big fan of the NFL will likely enjoy watching this show due to the comprehensive content. Viewers will get to find out lots of new information about the league and find out what the best matchups are. They will also have the opportunity to learn about things that are going on in the league such as signings, suspension rulings, and general announcements about upcoming events and rule changes. This show is therefore an excellent show to watch for anyone looking to get updates on the NFL on a regular basis. Whether you are a casual fan or a devoted fan of the NFL this show will provide viewers with a comprehensive and informative show every weekday. NFL Replay is one show that all fans will like to watch at any time.

2 Seasons, 85 Episodes
September 10, 2007
Cast: Ben Roethlisberger, Mike Rock
NFL Replay
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NFL Replay Full Episode Guide

  • Super Bowl 50: Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos

  • Conference Championships: Giants at Packers

  • Conference Championships: Chargers at Patriots

  • Divisional Playoffs: Giants at Cowboys

  • Divisional Playoffs: Chargers at Colts

  • Divisional Playoffs: Seahawks at Packers

  • Divisional Playoffs: Jaguars at Patriots

  • Playoffs Week 1: Titans at Chargers

  • Playoffs Week 1: Giants at Buccaneers

  • Playoffs Week 1: Jaguars at Steelers

  • Playoffs Week 1: Redskins at Seahawks

  • Week 17: Titans at Colts

  • Week 16: Dolphins at Patriots

  • Week 15: Eagles at Cowboys

  • Week 15: Bears at Vikings

  • Week 15: Bills at Browns

  • Week 15: Jaguars at Steelers

  • Week 15: Jets at Patriots

  • Week 14: Steelers at Patriots

  • Week 14: Giants at Eagles

  • Week 14: Cowboys at Lions

  • Week 14: Chargers at Titans

  • Week 13: Patriots at Ravens

  • Week 13: Jaguars at Colts

  • Week 13: Buccaneers at Saints

  • Week 13: Giants at Bears

  • Week 13: Bills at Redskins

  • Week 12: Seahawks at Rams

  • Week 12: Eagles at Patriots

  • Week 12: 49ers at Cardinals

  • Week 12: Broncos at Bears

  • Week 12: Texans at Browns

  • Week 11: Bears at Seahawks

  • Week 11: Redskins at Cowboys

  • Week 11: Steelers at Jets

  • Week 11: Browns at Ravens

  • Week 11: Chargers at Jaguars

  • Week 10: Cowboys at Giants

  • Week 10: Colts at Chargers

  • Week 10: Eagles at Redskins

  • Week 10: Browns at Steelers

  • Week 10: Jaguars at Titans

  • Week 9: Patriots at Colts

  • Week 9: Seahawks at Browns

  • Week 9: Packers at Chiefs

  • Week 9: Chargers at Vikings

  • Week 9: Bengals at Bills

  • Week 8: Redskins at Patriots

  • Week 8: Colts at Panthers

  • Week 8: Steelers at Bengals

  • Week 7: Cardinals at Redskins

  • Week 7: Steelers at Broncos

  • Week 7: Titans at Texans

  • Week 7: Bears at Eagles

  • Week 7: Ravens at Bills

  • Week 6: Raiders at Chargers

  • Week 6: Patriots at Cowboys

  • Week 6: Vikings at Bears

  • Week 6: Redskins at Packers

  • Week 6: Dolphins at Browns

  • Week 5: Cowboys at Bills

  • Week 5: Bears at Packers

  • Week 5: Falcons at Titans

  • Week 5: Jets at Giants

  • Week 5: Dolphins at Texans

  • Week 4: Steelers at Cardinals

  • Week 4: Packers at Vikings

  • Week 4: Bears at Lions

  • Week 4: Broncos at Colts

  • Week 4: Chiefs at Chargers

  • Week 3: Giants at Redskins

  • Week 3: Cardinals at Ravens

  • Week 3: Chargers at Packers

  • Week 3: Bengals at Seahawks

  • Week 3: Colts at Texans

  • Week 2: Seahawks at Cardinals

  • Week 2: Vikings at Lions

  • Week 2: Bengals at Browns

  • Week 2: Raiders at Broncos

  • Week 2: Colts at Titans 2007

  • NFL Replay Week 1 New England at New York Jets.

  • NFL Replay Week 1 Miami at Washington.

  • The Denver Broncos travel to Ralph Wilson Stadium to take on the Buffalo Bills.

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