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Antares follows three different women who happen to live on the same apartment block in Vienna. There is a deadly car crash that links the women together without them knowing it. One of the women is a nurse. She has a happy family life but has an affair with a salesman who is obsessed with pornography. The next woman is young and she is doing everything she can to hold onto her boyfriend. She even goes as far as telling him she is pregnant. The third woman is recently divorced from a violent gang member. Her ex husband is determined to get revenge on her for leaving him. All of these women tell white lies and live in fear of their secrets being exposed. This movie links these women together and allows them to share their innermost fears.

| | 2 hr | 6.3/10
Petra Morze, Andreas Patton, Hary Prinz, Susanne Wuest, Dennis Cubic
Film Movement
Gotz Spielmann

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