Watch Drama Movies Online

As a genre, drama encompasses just about every film that doesn't fit into a more specific category. Drama movies online usually involve characters in conflict, either with other characters, with themselves or with an external obstacle or difficult situation. The only requirement of a dramatic narrative is that the story's situations aren't played for laughs. However, dramas can have elements of comedy in them. Comedies can have dramatic elements. Unlike action and adventure films, dramas tend to focus on character development and the emotional and intellectual struggles within and between characters.

The drama genre breaks down into a multitude of sub-genres based on the subject matter of the film. Romantic dramas concern themselves with the relationship between two people, family dramas explore the interactions among relatives. Historical dramas consider the lives of people in eras gone by. The constant in dramas is their interest in how people get along with one another. Dramas are centered around scenes of introspection and dialogue. The action in dramas supports the goal of allowing the viewer to get to know the characters.

Because dramas are character-driven, they appeal to actors who want the chance to show that they can inhabit the characters they portray. Top-notch dramatic performances tend to draw more critical acclaim than those in almost any other genre. Many of the most respected American actors did their most well-known and praised work in dramatic roles. In general, dramas are taken more seriously as an artistic genre than are comedies, action movies, musicals or other more lighthearted types of film. Some award-granting organizations go as far as to segregate dramas and comedies into separate categories.