"No one can outrun their destiny."

From Touchstone Pictures comes a tale of suspense, love and the desire to live called Apocalypto. The film was directed by the controversial, talented and well-known actor/ director Mel Gibson. The film was also written by Mel Gibson who collaborated with Farhad Safina to create the perfect storyline and script. In addition, Mel Gibson produced the movie with Bruce Daley. This movie is rated R because some scene depict gruesome violence and gory images. During the 109 minutes that the movie lasts, viewers are shown, through the eyes of a man who wants to live, how a tribesman had to fight for his life and his family. This movie will touch the hearts of those who watch it. The setting of the movie is in Yucatan Mexico during the time when the Mayan Civilization was facing its decline.

Our story starts out focusing on a tribe of Indians in Yucatan who were hunting for their next meal. They were joking around, having a good ol' time, when a tribe of Indians asked the chief, Flint Sky, if they could pass through his territory because their village was taken over by fierce Mayan warriors. Meanwhile, Jaguar Paw, the son of Flint Sky becomes worried. Once the Indians pass, Flint Sky told his son not to be fearful.

But one morning, Jaguar paw wakes up from a horrible nightmare, and he looks outside to find that several warriors are sneaking in, ready to take over the village. Jaguar Paw puts his wife and young child inside a deep hole to hide them from the warriors, and he returns to fight side by side with his tribe.

After a gruesome battle, several tribesmen and women were captured, while the rest were brutally killed, and they were going to be offered as sacrifices to the Mayan's gods. Jaguar Paw and his fellow tribe members where taken into a temple located in the Mayan city. All Jaguar Paw could think about was his wife and son who were inside the hole. He knew that if they were left there, they would eventually die. As a result, Jaguar Par decided to escape his captors. On his way back to find his family, Jaguar Paw has to avoid several warriors who are determined to kill him. Viewers are shown what a man is willing to do to save himself and his family, and they have to keep guessing what will happen next.

| 2006 | 2 hr 20 min | 7.8/10 | 68/100
Rudy Youngblood, Dalia Hernández, Jonathan Brewer, Morris Birdyellowhead
Buena Vista
Mel Gibson
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Also starring Rudy Youngblood

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