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"A comedy with everything on it."
  • PG
  • 1997
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.8  (33,366)
  • 41

Ed is a cashier at the Good Burger fast-food restaurant. He is obsessed with his job, as he never takes his uniform off, not even in the shower, and dreams of burgers talking to him. Dexter Reed is a teenage slacker who is driving his mother's car while she is on a business trip, but he has no license. While Ed is roller blading making a delivery, he almost runs into Dexter's car, but Dexter makes a bad turn and crashes into his teacher's car. His teacher gives him the bill to pay for the car's damage; so to avoid his parents finding out about the accident, Dexter decides to get a job over the summer.
Dexter starts off working at Mondo Burger, another fast-food restaurant that threatens to put Good Burger out of business once it opens. He is fired however when his boss, Kurt, hears him making fun of him. He goes across the street to Good Burger to get over it. Ed, who Dexter thinks looks familiar but isn't able to figure out that it was him who caused his accident, offers him a job at Good Burger.
Soon after Dexter begins to work at Good Burger, Mondo Burger opens and takes all of Good Burger's customers and it seems that pretty soon Good Burger will have to close down for good. After seeing Ed on roller blades, Dexter remembers him from the accident and tells Ed he never wants to be around him again. The next day, Dexter accidentally tastes sauce that Ed created himself, and pitches the idea to Good Burger's manager to put the sauce on their burgers. Pretty soon, Good Burger gets more customers than they've ever had before because of the delicious sauce. Ed gets an incredible raise for creating the sauce, and Dexter takes advantage of him by having him sign a contract that says Dexter will get eighty percent of Ed's salary, while Ed only gets twenty, therefore Dexter will be able to pay for the damage done to his teacher's car.
Kurt, Mondo Burger's manager, tells Ed that he will pay him double his salary if he comes to work at Mondo Burger. The plan doesn't work, as Ed devotes his life to Good Burger. Kurt then sends a very sexy woman named Roxanne to seduce Ed into telling her the recipe for the sauce. Roxanne shows up at Good Burger and asks Ed out on a date, at which they double with Dexter and Monique, Dexter's pretty co-worker. At dinner, Dexter realizes what Roxanne is doing, and warns Ed. The two couples split up, Dexter and Monique go for a walk, while Roxanne tries to seduce Ed some more. When she tries to kiss him, Ed flips her over and she is injured. She is next seen angrily quitting Mondo Burger.
The next day, Monique finds out about Dexter's plan to get most of Ed's salary, and breaks up with him. Guilt ridden, Dexter decides to tell Ed the truth, but is interrupted by Ed realizing there is something fishy about a burger from Mondo Burger. The two of them go in disguise to Mondo Burger to find out what's wrong with their burgers. They see their employees filling the burgers with illegal acid that makes them big. To keep them from going to the cops, Kurt has them admitted to a mental asylum.
Otis, a very old employee of Good Burger, finds Kurt and two of his employees putting poison in Ed's sauce, so Kurt has him admitted also. At the asylum, Otis tells Ed and Dexter about the poison, and they find a way to distract the guards while they escape. They jump out a window and steal an ice cream truck to get back to Good Burger before someone is poisoned by the sauce. They get back in the nick of time, as Ed tackles an old woman before she is able to take a bite from her poisonous burger. The two of them then go to Mondo Burger to find evidence that Kurt is using illegal acid in their burgers. Ed pours every single bottle of acid into the beef, therefore making unbelievably huge burgers that explode the restaurant. The cops find the bottles of acid in the demolished restaurant and Kurt is arrested. Ed then goes to explain that he poured the bottles of acid into the meat on purpose because he knew that Kurt would manipulate the legal system to his favor unless the cops discover the acid themselves as they did when the restaurant imploded; Ed then goes on to say "I'm not stupid," despite his blatant idiocy throughout the movie (as well as the All That sketch that the film is based on). Dexter rips the contract he made Ed sign in half and decides to make the money on his own (though he is able to pay Mr. Wheat half of the money he owes for the car). Ed then says goodbye to Dexter, but Dexter says he's not going anywhere. They both return to Good Burger where his co-workers and some customers celebrate. Ed finishes off the movie with his catch phrase (which he's been saying throughout the movie every time a customer is going to order something). "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?"

Good Burger is a 1997 kids & family movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.8 and a MetaScore of 41.

Good Burger
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    1 hr 35 min
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    5.8  (33,366)
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