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When a wildly kooky millionaire is killed, it is up to the Sunset Towers residents to figure out just who killed him. His millions are on the line. Two young girls, Turtle and her sister Angela Wexler, are just a couple people who decide to take on the mission of finding Mr. Weston's killer, along with over a dozen other occupants of Sunset Towers.

Turtle and her sister are new to this town. She has heard many tales of this famous Westing mansion, which also happens to be haunted. She is only 13 years old and has been taxed with this huge mystery. She encounters many strange clues along the way, putting them together, adding them up, and trying to figure out how they all come into place.

Everyone is after the 20 million dollar reward, and they won't stop until the mystery is solved. Does young Turtle have what it takes to solve a crime of this size?

| 1997 | | 5.4/10
Ray Walston, Ashley Peldon, Diane Ladd, Sally Kirkland
Get a Clue
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Also directed by Terence H. Winkless