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There have been many incarnations of the Pink Panther since the character's introduction in 1960's movie theaters. This reinvention of "The Pink Panther" portrays the title character's teenage years. He uses cunning and finesse to get the last laugh, in two animated shorts per episode. The show keeps comic violence to a very sparse minimum, preferring slapstick comedy and visual puns. Between the shorts featuring the Pink Panther is a short starring the Ant and the Aardvark.

Many of the Panther's adventures have him opposing or annoying his neighbor Big Nose. A serious and sometimes unfair colorless man, who resembles a caricature of the original antagonist of the Pink Panther. Big Nose is often rude or greedy, a foil to the polite, helpful Pink Panther. Both have animals who give them assistance or trouble depending on the story, Pink Panther's donkey and Big Nose's dog. The characters are mostly silent but many episodes are narrated.

Each episode has a short with Aardvark unsuccessfully trying to catch Ant for his next meal. The setting is usually the jungle, but they also appear as zoo exhibits, vacationing or as travelers. Ant and Aardvark both have voices as do their supporting characters.

Pink Panther And Pals is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (26 episodes). The series first aired on March 7, 2010.

Where do I stream Pink Panther And Pals online? Pink Panther And Pals is available for streaming on MGM, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Pink Panther And Pals on demand at Amazon, Vudu online.

1 Season, 26 Episodes
March 7, 2010
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Kel Mitchell, John Byner, Jeannie Elias, Alex Nussbaum, Eddie Garvar
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Pink Panther And Pals Full Episode Guide

  • Pink Panther travels through time to replace a broken Egyptian statue in Big Nose's antique store. / Ant gets a taste of celebrity when tourists on safari photograph him. / Pink steps into the movies when Big Nose tries to evict him from the theater.

  • Pink Panther and Big Nose duke it out in a scuffle of musical styles. / Aardvark gives up on catching Ant and tries to fill his spare time with hobbies. / Pink Panther blasts off on an adventure to save the Earth.

  • Pink Panther wakes up to find himself in a colorless future. / When he accidentally acquires a moustache, Aardvark is mistaken for the fear-inducing Awful Aardvark. / Pink Panther has to stop the rust gremlins in his broken scooter from growing.

  • Pink Panther and his team of kids go up against Big Nose and his team of robots in a soccer game. / Aardvark has to escape the Aardvark-eating Leopard. / Dog deals with a sleepwalking Pink Panther when he comes home in Big Nose's new desk.

  • Farmer Big Nose dreams of winning the pumpkin contest at the fair, but can he beat Pink Panther's pumpkin? / Aardvark finds a genie's lamp and is granted three wishes. / Pink Panther has to use all of his wits to get a lazy Hoarse dressed for a ride.

  • Pink Panther tries to buy a frosted beverage at Big Nose's convenience store. / Aardvark builds an ark in hopes that he can convince Ant to come aboard. / When Pink Panther can't afford a comic book, he gets sucked into making his own.

  • Little Pink Riding Hood travels through a fairly tale land with a basket of goodies. / Eli the Elephant gets amnesia and thinks he's an aardvark. / Pink is dragged along on an unexpected adventure when his high-tech scooter goes haywire.

  • Pink Panther and Hoarse race Big Nose and Dog in a competition to see who'll be promoted from janitor to postman. / Ant tries to introduce Aardvark to other food options. / Pink Panther wants to have fun at the beach, but officer Big Nose is on duty.

  • Pink Panther is caught in the crossfire between two feuding Big Noses with water balloons. / Aardvark places bets with Ant on a variety of calculated card tricks. / Pink Panther makes a stink trying to rid his yard of a particularly smelly goat.

  • Pink Panther becomes an unwitting contestant on a game show to win a year's supply of his favorite beverage. / Aardvark tries to disguise himself as a zebra. / Pink Panther and Big Nose go on a wild chase around the ball park.

  • Pink Panther tries to secure an ancient artifact but ends up disturbing the sleep of mummy Big Nose. / Aardvark follows Ant to his vacation in Antarctica but doesn't expect to find a new best friend. / Pink Panther enters a wrestling match.

  • Pink Panther must deliver a package to Big Nose's door, but first he has to get through. / Aardvark tries to learn the karate ways of the Master so that he may catch Ant. / Pink Panther and Hoarse are swept into a mountain climbing adventure.

  • Pinkbeard - Pirate Big Nose and first mate Dog try to reach the buried treasure on a tropical island before an adventuring Pink Panther.One Small Step For Ant - Ant takes a space shuttle on a lunar getaway and Aardvark tags along.Chilled to the Pink -

  • Pink Pink Pink Pink - Wackiness ensues when Pink Panther's music machine creates three offbeat multiples of him.Spaced Out - Ant craves bananas and Aardvark meets his match when he goes after a shipwrecked alien that resembles Ant.Shop-Pink Spree - Pi

  • Knights in Pink Armor - Castle servant Pink Panther is sent of slay the evil dragon and obtain knighthood.Grampy's Visit - Aardvarks grandfather comes to town to show him who wears the pants in the family... and to catch an ant.Itching to be Pink - Pink

  • Life in the Pink Lane - First time bowler Pink Panther throws pro-bowler Big Nose off his game.Mitey Blue - Ant meets his biggest fan, the musically disastrous Mitey Mite, and tries to find an instrument that Mitey can play.Wild Pinkdom - Wildlife pho

  • Pinkaroni Pizza - Pink Panther follows along with the instructions of the Happy Chef Pizza Kit.Find Your Own Ant - Aardvark finds some insect-eating competition in a tough-talking Hedgehog. Ant enjoys kiwi season.Gold, Silver, Bronze... and Pink - Pink

  • Cleanliness is Next to Pinkliness - Big Nose and Pink Panther have neighboring showers, but only enough hot water for one of them.And Baby Makes Three - Aardvark has trouble getting to Ant with Baby Gorilla in the mix.The Pinkozoic Era - Prehistoric P

  • Pink Suds and Clean Duds - Pink goes to the laundromat, but Big Nose wants all of the machines for himself.Dog Daze - When Aardvark catches a cold, he hires a pooch to help sniff out Ant.The Pink Painter Show - When modern artist Pink Panther is selec

  • Pink Pool Fool - Finding the skate park is closed, Pink Panther tries to skate in a drained-swimming pool, but Big Nose won't let his plans to go swimming be ruined.The Aardvark's New Moves - A scheming sloth supplies Aardvark with some high-tech gadget

  • Remotely Pink - When Pink orders a new remote control, he doesn't expect it to manipulate everything except the television. I Didn't See That Coming - Aardvark tries to go incognito with the use of invisibility spray.Pink Party of One - Matre d' Big

  • Pink Magic - When Pink Panther brings a new magic act into town, the tricks are on his magician competition, Big Nose.Party Animals - Aardvark throws himself a birthday shindig to lure party-loving Ant to his house. Pink N Putt - Big Nose is serious a

  • Pink Hi-Tops - Pink Panther thinks he wants a pair of high-tech hi-top sneakers... until he puts them on.Land of the Gi-Ants - Aardvark falls into a prehistoric lost world where he tries to teach a cave aardvark a few things about catching ants.Pink Thu

  • Pink Up the Volume - Pink Panther wants to practice his music, much to the chagrin of a silence-seeking Big Nose.Zeus Juice - Aardvark purchases a "Super Duper Juicer" in hopes of beefing-up his body to catch Ant.A Pink and Stormy Night - Pink Panther