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Wacky Races is an animated comedy series produced by Hannah Barbera Cartoons. It's about a group of 23 racers in 11 cars racing around various locations in North America, accompanied by an off screen announcer who narrates the ongoing events in each race. Each racer or team wants to win the races and receive the title of the World's Wackiest Racer.

Each car comes equipped with some sort of special ability to help them win the races. Some cars have abilities that allow them to speed up, and others come with items or attachments to put other racers at a disadvantage. The show has two main villains, Dick Dastardly and Muttley, his dog. They try each race to take out several other racers so they can steal the victory, but their plans always backfire, leaving Dastardly and Muttley in the dust of the other racers as they zip past them and onto the finish line

Wacky Races is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1968.

Where do I stream Wacky Races online? Wacky Races is available for streaming on Warner Bros., both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Wacky Races on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, iTunes online.

Warner Bros.
6 Seasons, 90 Episodes
September 14, 1968
Animation & Cartoon Kids & Family
Cast: Daws Butler, Don Messick, John Stephenson, Janet Waldo
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Wacky Races Full Episode Guide

  • When the engines start, the laughter roars in this animated comedy series featuring the return of your favorite racers and, of course, their wacky cars!

  • Dastardly's ill fated attempt to upgrade the Mean Machine accidentally causes all the race cars to gain self awareness and free will.

  • In a bid to attract more fans to the show, a Wacky Network executive convinces the racers to change the show's format to attract a younger, hipper audience.

  • Brick Crashman retells the classic story of the wacky and fun-filled Trojan War staring the Racers as the ancient heroes of Homer's Iliad.

  • Our racers star as the Lords and Lady's of Enlightenment-era England as they entertain themselves with a challenge to sneak off to France and smuggle a French aristocrat back to London as a spot of sporting fun.

  • In a twist on the classic Tortoise and the Hare fable, the racers take on guest star Huckleberry Hound in a romp through the Appalachian Mountains.

  • Dastardly meets the one and only member of his fan club, a six year old girl. But when she turns out to be even nastier and more deceitful than he is, he challenges her to a race to prove that he's the best cheater there is.

  • After Dastardly finally wins a race with a bout of particularly nasty tricks, he is "awarded" a cursed idol that torments him endlessly with terrible luck despite his stubborn denial of its powers.

  • The Racers are invited to the grand opening of Wackyland, the world's first racing-themed amusement park! But when Peter disappears, the Racers uncover a sinister plot brewing under the park.

  • In 1903 Manhattan, famed newspaper mogul I.Q. Fuzzleberry pits the racers against each other in a contest promising one hundred dollars to the first man, or woman, to reach the moon.

  • Tiny's creator returns to town with a special gift, the missing half of Tiny's brain! When his newfound intelligence goes straight to his head, the racers grow tired of his arrogant attitude and team up to steal back his brain.

  • Dastardly's penchant for cat-based weaponry and traps finally cat-ches up with him when he is transported into a distant future world ruled entirely by cats.

  • When the engines start, the laughter roars in this animated comedy series featuring the return of your favorite racers and, of course, their wacky cars!

  • The super-city of Wackopolis is thrown into peril when the supervillain Purple Puppeteer executes a foul scheme to outlaw the city's heroes. Can the Super Racers stop him?

  • The evil wizard Lord Dast enlists his army of flying Muttleys to steal a powerful pendant from the good-natured Penelope Peasant. With the help of the other Racers, Penelope embarks on a quest to save their magical world.

  • When the engines start, the laughter roars in this animated comedy series featuring the return of your favorite racers and, of course, their wacky cars!

  • When IQ accidentally ages the Racers into their 80s, they are retired to a elder care storage facility in Florida, where the Racers prove you are never too old to cause complete wacky chaos.

  • In a homage to 1930's space adventures, brave two-fisted American hero Peter Perfect and his friends takes a trip to Pluto to stop the evil space emperor Dastardly from conquering the Earth.

  • When a bolt of lighting rewires Dastardly's brain so everyone he sees looks like Muttley, the Racers must dare to travel to the most horrible, dangerous, despicable, awful place in the universe, Dastardly's mind.

  • Penelope is kidnapped by aliens and forced to compete in a space race against strange but oddly familiar aliens, and only Space Ghost can save us all.

  • After Dastardly's cheating goes too far, he is banished from the Wacky Races by the creators of the original show. His friends do their best to defend him before a jury of the worst cartoon villains ever.

  • Deep in the heart of Africa, the Racers and guest racer Pandora Pitstop, get trapped in the labyrinthine and trap laden mines of King Solomon.

  • A race through the Sahara Desert to the Pyramids of Giza leads the Racers to uncover ancient aliens' plot to conquer the world.