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  • TV-G
  • 1968
  • 6 Seasons
  • 7.5  (7,551)

The Wacky Races is an American animated television show produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. The show was popularized in the late 1960s and early 1970s and aired for a total of 34 episodes on CBS from 1968 to 1970. The Wacky Races depicts a racing competition where 11 different racers continuously compete with each other in a series of events to win the championship cup. The racers come from different parts of the world, each with their own unique and distinct vehicle. The drivers' personalities and the cars often have entertaining and gimmicky features, ranging from the visibly absurd designs to the hidden gadgets that get them through the race.

The racers are headed by Dick Dastardly, who is portrayed as the main antagonist of the show. Dick Dastardly operates a vehicle with his loyal dog, Muttley, as his co-pilot. Their car is known as "The Mean Machine" – a car specifically designed to sabotage other racers' cars. Dastardly is notorious for his dirty tricks and sneaky ways to win the race.

Other racers include Penelope Pitstop, who drives The Compact Pussycat, a pink-colored car fitted with cosmetics and grooming equipment. She is depicted as the only female racer on the show and is often seen waiting until everyone has passed her before she dashes ahead to win the race.

Another favorite racer is Peter Perfect, who drives the Turbo Terrific, a sleek and aerodynamic car designed for high-speed racing. The driver of this car is a self-centered, narcissistic persona designed to parody various car enthusiasts with an eye for detail on their vehicles.

Other racers include the Gruesome Twosome, a pair of hillbilly-like characters with noxious fuel in their vehicle; the Red Max, a madman who flies his car with the use of a canon on top; Professor Pat Pending, a scientist with an advanced car fueled by atomic energy; and the Ant Hill Mob, a group of gangsters who use a pile of living ants to power their vehicle.

Each race in the show would take place in a different setting, ranging from treacherous mountain roads to deserts, jungles, and even the moon. Each racer would have to maneuver their way through the different landscapes, facing various obstacles that test their racing skills and strategies. Along the way, Dick Dastardly and his partner in crime, Muttley, would attempt their usual tricks to sabotage the other racers.

The Wacky Races is known to be one of the most iconic Hanna-Barbera productions, featuring a plethora of classic cartoon characters that entertained the young and old alike. The show was popularized for its humor and imaginative storytelling that made it an instant hit. It was acclaimed for its high-quality animation and characters that were easily relatable to a global audience.

In conclusion, The Wacky Races is a classic American television show that has stood the test of time. Even today, it remains a popular cultural icon for its absurd and wacky characters, the humorous dialogue, and its imaginative and captivating storytelling. The show's lasting popularity is a testament to its contribution to the world of animated television shows and is an essential element of television history that people of all ages can enjoy.

Wacky Races is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (90 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1968.

Wacky Races
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Muttleys Are Forever/Never Say Muttley Again
13. Muttleys Are Forever/Never Say Muttley Again
April 11, 2017
When the engines start, the laughter roars in this animated comedy series featuring the return of your favorite racers and, of course, their wacky cars!
I, Race Car
11. I, Race Car
April 11, 2017
Dastardly's ill fated attempt to upgrade the Mean Machine accidentally causes all the race cars to gain self awareness and free will.
What a Wacky Development This Is
10. What a Wacky Development This Is
April 11, 2017
In a bid to attract more fans to the show, a Wacky Network executive convinces the racers to change the show's format to attract a younger, hipper audience.
Troy and Troy Again
9. Troy and Troy Again
April 11, 2017
Brick Crashman retells the classic story of the wacky and fun-filled Trojan War staring the Racers as the ancient heroes of Homer's Iliad.
The Scarlet Pinkernel
8. The Scarlet Pinkernel
April 11, 2017
Our racers star as the Lords and Lady's of Enlightenment-era England as they entertain themselves with a challenge to sneak off to France and smuggle a French aristocrat back to London as a spot of sporting fun.
Slow and Steady
7. Slow and Steady
April 11, 2017
In a twist on the classic Tortoise and the Hare fable, the racers take on guest star Huckleberry Hound in a romp through the Appalachian Mountains.
Double Trouble
6. Double Trouble
April 11, 2017
Dastardly meets the one and only member of his fan club, a six year old girl. But when she turns out to be even nastier and more deceitful than he is, he challenges her to a race to prove that he's the best cheater there is.
Curses, Foiled Again
5. Curses, Foiled Again
April 11, 2017
After Dastardly finally wins a race with a bout of particularly nasty tricks, he is "awarded" a cursed idol that torments him endlessly with terrible luck despite his stubborn denial of its powers.
4. Wacklyland
April 11, 2017
The Racers are invited to the grand opening of Wackyland, the world's first racing-themed amusement park! But when Peter disappears, the Racers uncover a sinister plot brewing under the park.
Double the Dastardly
3. Double the Dastardly
April 11, 2017
In 1903 Manhattan, famed newspaper mogul I.Q. Fuzzleberry pits the racers against each other in a contest promising one hundred dollars to the first man, or woman, to reach the moon.
Brains Before Brawn
2. Brains Before Brawn
April 11, 2017
Tiny's creator returns to town with a special gift, the missing half of Tiny's brain! When his newfound intelligence goes straight to his head, the racers grow tired of his arrogant attitude and team up to steal back his brain.
1. Catastrophe
April 11, 2017
Dastardly's penchant for cat-based weaponry and traps finally cat-ches up with him when he is transported into a distant future world ruled entirely by cats.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1968
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (7,551)