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This fun animated film is a great one to keep children entertained. The popular cat in the film is mischievous and gets his friends into trouble and they make they way around the town. See what crazy adventures they will be up to next. Heathcliff and The Catillac Cats is a great film to watch any day of the week.

Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (80 episodes). The series first aired on September 5, 1984.

Where do I stream Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats online? Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats is available for streaming on DIC, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats on demand at Amazon, Microsoft Movies & TV, iTunes online.

4 Seasons, 80 Episodes
September 5, 1984
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Mel Blanc, Jeannie Elias, Stan Jones, Danny Wells, Danny Mann
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Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats Full Episode Guide

  • When the postman mentions that Iggy's letter to Santa is being returned, Heathcliff is concerned that Santa may be retiring. / Mungo's kid brother, Mingo, is running with a bad crowd so Granny sends him to Mungo to straighten him out.

  • The Nutmeg travel to New York for a vacation. / Riff Raff tells the story of how he met Cleo in a rough-neck bar.

  • Iggy's having trouble finding his baseball cap, when Grandma suggests he see if Heathcliff can locate it. / Mungo writes a letter to his Granny which tells the story of how Riff Raff felt he was being betrayed.

  • A pair of con artist cats decide to burglarize the Nutmeg home, but they have to get Heathcliff out of the way first. / The Easter Bunny tells the Cats how eggs became colored for Easter.

  • Iggy is intent on inventing a revolutionary plant food. / While the junkyard is supposedly being fumigated, the Cats head for the hills for a camping trip and get more than they bargained for.

  • Heathcliff is getting heat from everyone at home. / The Cats play one trick too many on Leroy and get him fired.

  • Heathcliff is romping through the fish market. / Elsie, a bag cat and friend of the Catillac Cats is still love-sick over Top Hat Cat.

  • A new cat tries to move in on Heathcliff's 'operation.' / While Riff Raff is away, the Catillac Cats are distracted by some beautiful felines and the former owner of the Catillac reclaims it from the junkyard.

  • After seeing Spike beat up by Heathcliff, a small canine newcomer to the neighborhood tells Spike he should be ashamed to call himself a dog. / A local car dealer, Nevada Worthless, is offering a free smorgasbord to come in and look around the lot - any car taken as a trade in.

  • Out-of-weight, out-of-shape HEATHCLIFF is coerced into a crash course at the local cat health emporium - Feline Good. / Cleo is "Miss Off Road" and will present the trophy and kiss the winner of the Big Race.

  • Heathcliff watches Grandpa as he trims the rose bushes, cutting them back way too much. / Hector is hired as bodyguard to Monty Manx - star of stage and screen - and gets a case of cat food as pay.

  • Heathcliff's thrilled to learn his mom is coming to visit, but terrified she'll discover he's been fibbing about living with a wealthy family. / Riff Raff and the Catastrophe Cats compete in a hockey game.

  • When Heathcliff's fish thievery gets too carried away, Grandpa takes him to aversion therapy. / The Cats throw a birthday party for Leroy and they reminisce about how they all first met.

  • While laid up with a broken leg, Heathcliff thinks he has witnessed the dog napping of Spike. / Raiding a sushi bar, the Catillac Cats come up against the ninja cat-watcher and are soundly beaten and thrown out.

  • Heathcliff shows up at Sonja's place to take her out for their anniversary. / If Runt can beat Mungo in just one Catlympic event, Riff Raff must give up control of the junkyard.

  • Mugsy is bragging to the neighborhood kids about how tough Spike is, Heathcliff makes an appearance and proceeds to beat up on the hapless pooch. / Mungo sees the feline of his dreams, Lulu, (who looks just like him), but doesn't know how to ask her out.

  • Heathcliff's really been in a mood lately - a virtual 'Heathcliff reign of terror.' / Mungo looks into the garbage can in Screwloose's painting and literally falls into the painting.

  • While browsing through a magazine, Heathcliff dreams of what it would be like to be a rich Beverly Hills cat. / Mungo's giant creation of a metal moving cat is ridiculed by the gang.

  • There's a new arrival in the neighborhood. A highbrow English couple, and their equally-arched cat - Reginald. / After Riff Raff saves Mungo from a bad fall, Mungo becomes Riff Raff's servant in gratitude and slowly drives Riff Raff crazy.

  • Heathcliff and Sonja land the leading roles in a movie which is filming in to her town. / A pack of mean dogs comes into the junkyard to take over the territory.

  • Iggy brings a white mouse home from biology class who is quickly in a scuffle with Heathcliff. / When Hector finds a map to the Lost City of Catlantis, the Catillac Cats transform their car into a submarine to search for the missing city and its treasures.

  • A trip to the museum with Iggy and Marcy to see the ancient Catenkoman exhibit provides Heathcliff with the perfect party place to celebrate Sonja's birthday later that night. / Hector fools Mungo into believing he has laid an egg and must keep it warm until it hatches.

  • Heathcliff goes out to sea with the fishermen to determine what has caused a dreadful tuna shortage. / Hector answers a newspaper ad to become a private investigator and quickly becomes a nuisance to everyone.

  • Spike's mother is coming to visit, so he pleads with Heathcliff to let it appear that he runs things around the neighborhood. / Riff Raff talks Catillac Cats into rehearsing for a Dance Troupe.

  • Marcy dresses Heathcliff in baby clothes and is pushing him down the street. / Much to Riff Raff's dismay, his mother is coming to town to see the beautiful mansion he wrote her he lived in.

  • Heathcliff, eating the Nutmeg's out of house and home, is sent out to earn his own tuna money. / Mungo finds half of a treasure map in the junkyard, and the Catillac Cats take off for the desert to search for the lost booty.

  • Iggy and Heathcliff are watching TV and see on the news that a prisoner escaped who looks just like Grandpa. / A big game hunter comes to town claiming that no animal is too difficult to capture.

  • Grandpa, Iggy and Heathcliff find themselves in the path of a group of people on horseback. / Cleo and Bush are forced to move into the junkyard after a sign goes up at their music store disallowing pets.

  • When the Catfather and his mob move into the neighborhood, a naive Heathcliff accepts his offer to work for him. / The Catillac Cats come to the rescue when some bad cats plot to swipe all the fish donations at a benefit show in which our heroes are performing

  • It's Heathcliff's birthday, and he's a very happy cat. / A lady moves into the neighborhood that has twelve gorgeous female cats.

  • Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo decide to teach Heathcliff a lesson after a typical day of being picked on. / Riff Raff goes with Cleo to the museum to look at dinosaur bones.

  • Heathcliff breaks into prison to save his father just as his father is released.

  • A terrible new Mechanical Animal Catcher has replaced the city dog catcher. / When Cleo's interest is aroused in the subject of Archaeology, the Catillac Cats decide to set out on an archaeologist expedition of their own.