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The fantasy soap opera The Vampire Diaries follows a group of vampires who (sort of) live and love in a small town in Virginia. As in the Twilight series, a young mortal woman falls in love with a hunky vampire. She then has to deal with all the drama that ensues.

The series is set in the town of Mystic Falls. The town has been a focal point for supernatural activity since its founding in the 1700s. Prominent among its paranormal residents are a clan of vampires who have been up to mostly no good for centuries. When a teen girl, Elena, moves to town, she falls in love with a mysterious hunk, not realizing that he's a vampire and he's 162 years old.

The world of the vampires is a dangerous one, and Elena is soon in peril. Her biggest problem is that she draws the attention of another vampire who notices she looks exactly like his long-dead vampire lover. The resulting love triangle causes all kinds of peril.

The TV series is based on a series of young adult vampire romance novels. The story bears many resemblances to the Twilight novel series, but The Vampire Diaries novels predate that launch of the Twilight series by more than a decade.

The TV series debuted on The CW in 2009, and it continued for eight seasons before concluding in 2017. During this time, it was one of the most successful series on the network, and it spawned a spin off, The Originals.

The Vampire Diaries is a series that is currently running and has 8 seasons (172 episodes). The series first aired on September 10, 2009.

Where do I stream The Vampire Diaries online? The Vampire Diaries is available for streaming on The CW, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch The Vampire Diaries on demand at Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes online.

Friday 8:00PM et/pt on The CW
8 Seasons, 172 Episodes
September 10, 2009
Drama Science Fiction Fantasy
Cast: Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Candice King
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The Vampire Diaries Full Episode Guide

  • In the series finale, Stefan and Damon fight their greatest enemy in a final battle to save Mystic Falls.

  • A shotgun wedding is planned so that Damon and Stefan can lure a dangerous enemy out into the open. This looming threat puts the fate of Mystic Falls in eminent danger and must be destroyed.

  • Damon and Stefan team up against Cade in effort to save Elena's casket. Meanwhile, Caroline and Alaric address their daughters' burgeoning magical powers.

  • Damon and Alaric are met by an old enemy after they obtain a weapon that could destroy Cade. Stefan is held captive by an unexpected acquaintance and must expose a dark secret from his past.

  • In order to save Stefan's soul, Damon makes a deal with Cade to retrieve the Maxwell journal. Alaric and Matt refuse to hand the journal over as it may contain the key to destroying Cade. Caroline desperately tries to connect with Stefan before Cade goes through with his plan.

  • Cade returns to Mystic Falls and offers Damon and Stefan additional assignments, each with inconceivable consequences. Despite mounting tension in their friendship, Caroline and Matt do their best to protect the town's residents from Cade's appetite for their souls.

  • Sybil seeks vengeance on Damon by putting him in a catatonic state. Caroline and Bonnie enter Damon's mind and encounter familiar faces from the past, only to discover Stefan is the key to Damon's fate. Sybil and her sister Seline contend for the bell and control.

  • Sybil seeks the help of Stefan and Damon in her search of the historical artifact in Mystic Falls. Bonnie returns from Paris wearing a vile of Enzo's blood, making Caroline doubt she will become a vampire.

  • In their search for their next victim, Stefan and Damon attend an anger management support group. Sybil is still alive and using a group of high school students to manipulate Caroline.

  • In the aftermath of his interaction with Cade, Stefan is determined to have a perfect Christmas Eve with Caroline. However, their dinner is anything but perfect.

  • When her children become the focus of the Siren's latest plan, Caroline is determined to ensure the safety of her family.

  • Damon's s latest actions prove he may have spiraled completely out of control. Unwilling to give up on his brother, Stefan is faced with a choice that will change their relationship forever.

  • In an effort to find a mysterious artifact, Damon travels to Texas where a violent encounter with Peter Maxwell leads to an unexpected revelation. Meanwhile, after gaining the upper hand in their fight to save Damon and Enzo, Stefan and Alaric team up and uncover the origins of the mysterious force they're up against.

  • As Enzo continues to fight the control over him, Bonnie faces a major dilemma. At the Armory, Alaric researches a mysterious artifact that he hopes will help in their fight to get Damon and Enzo back.

  • Upon their discovery that someone from Stefan's past may be Damon and Enzo's next target, Stefan, Bonnie and Caroline head to North Carolina. There, Bonnie takes extreme measures in an attempt to break Enzo free of whatever has control over him.

  • In the eighth season premiere, it's been months since Damon and Enzo mysteriously vanished from the Armory vault. Stefan has exhausted his search, while Bonnie's hope that they will be found has diminished. Meanwhile, a dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor leaves Caroline and Alaric fearing what may be targeting their family.

  • Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie survive the predicament she is in, Damon, Enzo and Caroline realize their options are running out. With their only chance of saving their friend inside the Armory, Stefan delivers the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source.

  • When Damon's dangerous attempt to save Bonnie takes a drastic turn, the consequences of his actions forces everyone to work together to help her survive.

  • With Bonnie's life at risk and multiple challenges ahead of them, Damon and Enzo lead the charge to save Bonnie before it's too late. Stefan reluctantly teams up with Matt for the sake of Bonnie and uncovers the truth behind Matt's anger towards him.

  • When Enzo's efforts to protect Bonnie end up endangering her, they learn that Rayna may be her only hope for survival.

  • In an effort to capture an escaped vampire who may hold the key to getting Stefan back safely, Damon and Alaric travel to Memphis. However, Alaric is hesitant to revert back to his former vampire hunting ways.

  • Following his brother's fateful decision, Stefan awakens to a life or death situation and must trust his instincts. With time working against him, he sets off on a journey of survival while forced to confront a lifetime of irreversible damage Damon has done to their relationship.

  • In an effort to make things right with his brother, Damon suggests that Stefan's scar be magically transferred to him, only to discover that doing so may present unexpected consequences.

  • While Stefan and Valerie search for a mystical herb that could conceal him from Rayna, Damon plots to take her down for good.

  • When Stefan goes to New Orleans to lure vampire hunter Rayna Cruz away from his friends in Mystic Falls, he encounters Klaus Mikaelson, who becomes suspicious of his old friend's unplanned arrival.

  • When complications from her supernatural pregnancy threaten Caroline's life, Stefan and Valerie go above and beyond to save her and the babies. Meanwhile, after uncovering a dark secret about Damon, Enzo uses the information to his advantage.

  • Damon continues to spiral out of control and under the influence of Julian. Refusing to surrender, Stefan attempts to reason with Damon only to uncover the devastating reason for his descent.

  • The effects of the Phoenix stone have taken a toll on Damon, so Stefan tries to help him gain a sense of reality. Elsewhere, Matt and Bonnie deal with the repercussions after Julian and his men take over Mystic Falls.

  • Upon his discovery of Julian's plan to avenge Lily's death, Damon awakens to find himself trapped inside the Phoenix stone, and forced to face his darkest demon in order to get out.

  • While Damon and Stefan search for Julian in a small town outside of Mystic Falls, Stefan's choices set off a series of tragic events.

  • Julian and Lily host a celebration for Mary Louise and Nora's anniversary. Meanwhile, Stefan and Damon intend to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian.

  • In an effort to convince Lily of Julian's manipulating ways, Stefan and Damon confront their mother with painful memories from their childhood. However, Lily reveals a dark secret she's been harboring for over 160 years, leaving Stefan and Damon confused.

  • Lily hosts a dinner party to introduce Julian to Damon and Stefan, and to make a declaration of peace. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Matt unearth an unusual mystery.

  • Damon tries to escape his downward spiral and keep his promises to Elena; Lily prepares for the arrival of someone from her past; Stefan comes face-to-face with Valerie and makes a shocking discovery.

  • Just as Damon thinks he's in control of Lily, an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a backup plan.

  • Following a clever plan orchestrated by Lily, Damon embarks on a mission with Bonnie and Alaric to find leverage to use against his mother.

  • Damon's impulsive decision could ruin a deal between Stefan and Lily, so Damon tries to make amends with his mother before things spiral out of control.

  • In the seventh season premiere, Damon tries to move on now that Elena is gone. Meanwhile, Stefan waits for Caroline to sort out her emotions and tries to protect the town from Lily and her family of Heretics, who are wreaking havoc in Mystic Falls.

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